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April 7, 2021

Paris Hilton attends the signing of the legislative decree she helped pass

Paris Hilton traveled to Utah on Tuesday to witness the signing of the decree of law that she helped pass, thanks to her testimony against Provo Canyon School, where she claims to have suffered bad treatments.

“Since my documentary

This Is Paris

, when I first told my story, I have received thousands of letters from survivors sharing their stories with me.

Reading them broke my heart and I promised myself, and the children who are still in these centers, and all the survivors, that I will continue to use my voice and fight for the laws to change everywhere. in the country, ”she told



This new law imposes more government surveillance of residential youth centers, and prohibits sedation or the use of physical restraint on children and adolescents without permission.

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Vanessa Bryant updates on her youngest daughter

When the helicopter carrying Kobe and Gianna Bryant crashed, it took her husband and eldest daughter Vanessa Bryant, but it also deprived the couple's youngest, 21-month-old Capri, of her sister and father.

The widow of the basketball champion wanted to give fans news of the little girl, posting a touching photo of her on Instagram.

“She has Kobe's gaze to me.

Capri Kobe.

Daddy and Gigi's twin, ”she wrote in the caption.

Kobe and Gianna Bryant were killed in January 2020, in a crash that also claimed the lives of the other seven occupants of the aircraft.


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