7 billion neighbors, school on the radio - Marie-Christine Aubin's class, families of words

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By: Emmanuelle Bastide

30 mins

For two weeks (vacation for some), our daily company show turns into a classroom.

Language, reading, writing, problems, geometry ... A teacher will teach your children about one of the fundamental skills.

In the second part of the program, find an episode of the Survival Guide for Resourcefuls, a scientific podcast, produced by Radio-Canada, OHdio, to learn how the world around us works. 


Part one

 : the class of Marie-Christine Aubin, retired teacher 


word families

Materials: A sheet of paper, a yellow pencil, a blue pencil and a brown pencil, a tube of glue, strips of cut-out colored squares (2 strips of 2 blue squares, 2 strips of 3 yellow squares, 2 strips of 5 brown squares and 2 strips of 4 brown squares) the collage sheet prepared in advance to be found on the social networks of 7 billion neighbors. 

Part Two 


The Survival Guide of the Hustlers

- episode 8 -

Surviving the web: How to avoid the pitfalls of online navigation? 

The Internet is a universe with incredible potential, but it is also strewn with pitfalls: disinformation, annoying photos that leave traces ... Raphaëlle and Massi are discovering the tips to be able to survive there, and even navigate it when you are blind. .

As a bonus: an automotive columnist popularizes the workings of the web. 


Find here all the episodes in full of the Survival Guide of the Hustlers

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