Broadcaster Kim Sae-rom has revealed the secret of high income home shopping.

Kim Sae-rom, who appeared on the SBS Plus entertainment program'Kang Ho-dong's Babsim', aired on the 5th, boasted of 11 years of work as a show host.

Kim Sae-rom was humbled by saying, "I just make this live broadcast fun," but Kim Seong-il, who appeared together, praised her ability as "There is no other person like Sae-Rom Kim. Sae-Rom Kim is a person who renews the contract every year."

The ten years of hard work were also financially rewarded. Purchased a house in Cheongdam-dong with home shopping income. Sae-rom Kim said, "Somehow home shopping has to consume my image differently from broadcasters. Maybe that's why it's about three times higher than entertainment performance fees." He said, "I collected it one by one while doing it."

Kim Sae-rom also confessed to the feelings of divorce. At the time of the pre-interview, it is said that Kim Sae-rom said about divorce as a'gift from God'.

Kim Sae-rom said, "When I think back, I like my divorce. I started working from the age of 19 and became independent and seemed to have no brakes. It was a very dangerous car with no brakes for my loved ones." If there is a god, it seems that the gift given by saying, "You fell so drastically," is a divorce. After that happens, I try to look at everything a little more carefully," he said about the inner maturity of the divorce.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)