(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Hong Kong Chief Executive: The sooner you get the vaccine, the sooner you can enjoy convenient travel conditions in the future

  China News Agency, Hong Kong, April 6. The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Carrie Lam, said on the 6th that the sooner the new crown vaccine is vaccinated, the sooner he will be entitled to the status of "completed vaccination", which will meet the conditions for convenient travel or certain activities in the future.

  Carrie Lam visited the Queen Elizabeth Stadium Community Vaccination Center on the same day to inspect the operation of the center and cheer up the staff.

She said that the current supply of Coxing vaccine and Fubitai vaccine is sufficient, and the vaccination arrangement is also very convenient.

Citizens have to wait 14 days after receiving two doses of the vaccine before the vaccine can fully play its protective role.

  "Vaccinations can protect themselves and others, help Hong Kong overcome the epidemic, but also bring some convenience in life, work and travel. I appeal to the public to seize the opportunity to make an appointment for vaccination as soon as possible," said Carrie Lam.

With the arrival of a new batch of Fubitai vaccine in Hong Kong on April 2, the SAR government resumed vaccination of the new batch of Fubitai vaccine for citizens from April 5th.

The Queen Elizabeth Stadium Community Vaccination Center is one of the newly opened community vaccination centers for citizens to vaccinate the vaccine.

  Carrie Lam listened to the staff of the medical institution operating the community vaccination center to introduce the operation of the center.

She thanked the relevant groups for participating in the SAR government's vaccination plan for their contribution to the fight against the epidemic. She also talked to the citizens who came to get the vaccine. They all believed that the center was operating smoothly and were satisfied with the vaccination schedule.

  At present, Hong Kong has expanded the priority groups of the new crown vaccination program to 14, including those aged 30 or above, students aged 16 or above studying outside Hong Kong, and domestic helpers.

Since the launch of the vaccination plan, the SAR government has provided about 490,000 citizens with the first dose of vaccine, of which about 90,000 citizens have completed the two doses of vaccine.