, Guangzhou, April 5 (Reporter Jingwei Cheng) Recalling homesickness during the Ching Ming Festival, outings in search of spring.

The Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television and Tourism stated on the 4th that during the Qingming Holiday, rural tourism in Guangzhou has recovered and the proportion of short-distance self-driving trips in the surrounding areas has increased, and family self-guided tours have become the main force in the market.

  In spring, Guangzhou is accompanied by beautiful mountains and rivers, and Lingnan Fangfei is flourishing.

Guangzhou's friends circle is screened by the beautiful scenery of the grass flowers in Fossil Gate Forest Park. The vines are old, the number of plants is large, and the flowers are densely clustered.

Hundreds of flowers bloom in the Nansha Million Sunflower Garden, which is welcomed by parents and families.

Many rural tourist attractions such as Panyu, Huadu, Zengcheng, etc. are full of spring flowers, attracting many citizens and tourists to enjoy the flowers.

Furongzhang Reservoir, Huadu District, Guangzhou Photo courtesy of Guangzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau

  In addition, as mulberry, loquat, guava and other fruits enter the mature season, it is also a good choice to bring family children to enjoy the fun of picking the mountains and the water.

During the Qingming Festival, Huadu Baosang Garden and Conghua Xiangmishan Ecological Fruit Farm have become popular options, welcoming a large number of family tourists with parents and children.

  The traditional villages in Guangzhou, full of cultural charm, have also become a popular place for tourists to check in during holidays.

There are a large number of well-preserved ancient Lingnan buildings in Panyu Shawan Ancient Town, Huadu Longtou Ancient Village, Nansha Dawen Village and other places with great Lingnan style and characteristics, and photographers can take pictures and check in everywhere.

Featured Internet celebrity villages such as Xiaozhou Village in Haizhu with a literary atmosphere and Baiyunfenghe Village, which has Guangzhou's first aviation science popularization and aviation base, are also quite popular among citizens and tourists.

Citizens playing in the outskirts of Guangzhou. Photo courtesy of Guangzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau

  During the Ching Ming holiday, a large number of citizens went to the rural red tourist attractions in Guangzhou to pay homage to the heroes and remember them.

In the Dapuwei Village of Zengcheng, one of the first batch of cultural and tourist characteristic villages in Guangdong Province, many parents took their children to visit the Monument of Revolutionary Heroes and learn about the glorious red history of the Dongjiang Column.

Conghua Lianma Village has many red revolutionary sites. The Huangshakeng Dongjiang Column Revolutionary Site Memorial Museum combines the characteristics of enclosed houses and red memories. The "Party History Corridor" long peasant paintings are novel in form, attracting many young people to "check in."

  During the Qingming holiday this year, parent-child trips have driven families to travel, and the occupancy rate of rural houses in Guangzhou has increased.

It is understood that the first batch of 10 boutique homestays in Guangzhou have launched special experiences.

Among them, the Wuxiang Stone House in Zengcheng plans outing activities, organizes tourists to farm and plant rice seedlings and picking experiences, and make handmade moxa.

At the same time, the country house also directly drove the surrounding farmhouses and agricultural specialty products to prosper.