The president of the Junta de Andalucía,

Juanma Moreno

(PP), said this Monday that he would like to be able to increase the capacity in bullfights, but the pandemic currently imposes

"very complex, very difficult circumstances and health has to prevail above any activity "

, so" the law is for everyone "and does not foresee making the exception with the celebrations of reducing the safety distance.

"What I would like to do is put the square to bursting

, I understand that for businessmen it is a problem for the profitability of the festivities, but unfortunately, unless the committee of experts or the health authorities give us an instruction,

Right now we all have to comply with the rule

, "he said in statements to journalists at an event in Seville, where he was asked about the request from Plaza de la Maestranza to increase

the capacity to 50% for the next bullfights, that They are from April 18 to May 2.

Moreno recalled that just as a soccer final of the Copa del Rey has been lived and the stadium has been empty,

"health has to prevail over any activity."

Thus, although

"this government is beyond any doubt in terms of the attention we are paying to the bullfighting festivities

and the commitment we have shown to the national holiday," it is also true that "there is a law and it must be complied with, it's for everyone".

"The law marks a distance of one and a half meters and that we have to comply with in each and every one of the corners," he

has deepened.

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