Following the confirmation of infection with the infectious disease CSF = classical swine fever in pig farms in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture is proceeding with the disposal of approximately 10,000 pigs raised in this pig farm on the 3rd. I am.

At the pig farm in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture was informed that the number of dead pigs was increasing, and when a national research institute investigated it, infection with CSF = classical swine fever was confirmed on the 2nd. it was done.

In response to this, Gunma Prefecture has decided to slaughter about 10,000 pigs in total, including about 8,500 pigs raised in this pig farm and 1,500 farms to which some pigs were moved. I will.

On the 3rd, the work started at 6 am, and the staff of the prefecture and the Self-Defense Forces personnel who were working on the work gathered at the gymnasium in Maebashi City, changed into protective clothing, and left for the pig farm by bus.

Gunma Prefecture wants to complete culling in about 10 days and complete epidemic prevention measures such as disinfection of pig farms.

There are 20 pig farms within a 3km radius and 86 pig farms within a 10km radius of this pig farm, but since they have already been vaccinated, there are no restrictions on movement or shipping.

The outbreak of classical swine fever has been confirmed at pig farms in Gunma prefecture for the second time since September last year, and the infection route is unknown, so the prefecture is planning to investigate in detail in cooperation with the national government.