According to the China Weather Network, it was Friday again that Beijing Chunyu was "online" again.

It is expected that there will be light rain or sporadic light rain in the western and northern areas of Beijing today (April 2) during the day. The public should remember to bring rain gear and pay attention to traffic safety when going out.

  During the daytime yesterday, Beijing was mostly cloudy.

At around 20 o'clock in the evening, the temperature in the southern suburbs observatory was 15.7°C, and there was rain in Yanqing and Mentougou in the west, but not much.

  Today, there will be light rain in the western and northern parts of Beijing. This is the fourth consecutive week that Beijing has had rain on Friday in the past month.

According to the forecast at 6 o'clock this morning, it is overcast during the day. There will be light rain or sporadic light rain in the northern part of the west, and the north will turn to the south with a wind of 2 to 3, and the maximum temperature will be 18℃. The wind will change to northerly level 3~4, and the minimum temperature is 10℃.

  It is expected that during the Ching Ming holiday in Beijing, the weather will be mainly sunny to cloudy. There will be light rain in the mountains at night on April 5. The temperature is relatively stable, and the highest temperature during the day is around 16 ℃ ~ 19 ℃, which is more suitable for holiday trips. And offering sweeping activities.

  It is worth noting that the concentration of pollen in Beijing has recently increased, and health protection needs to be done for people who are sensitive to go out.