Since the cyberattack targeting the third French pharmaceutical group, detected on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, employees of several sites have been ordered not to go there and all software, shared files and discussion spaces have been closed. 

It's a bad April Fool's Day for Pierre Fabre.

Several production and distribution sites in Haute-Garonne, Tarn and Hérault have been shut down since Wednesday, due to a cyberattack targeting the pharmaceutical group behind the Ducray, Klorane or Eau Thermale d'Avène brands.

The malicious act seems to come from Asia. 

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No return to normal until next week? 

Since the cyberattack, detected during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the employees of these sites have been ordered not to go there and to take a day off.

They only have access to their mailbox.

For security reasons, explains one of them to Europe 1, all software, shared files or exchange spaces have been closed.

Management specifies that the group's cosmetics and drugs continue to be distributed and that everything is being done to restore the situation as quickly as possible.

But the return to normal could be delayed until early next week for the third largest French laboratory, which has 10,000 employees worldwide, including more than half on fifteen main sites in France.