"Flies and greed" arrested, leading to a series of low-income corruption cases

Grassroots staff fraudulently use the identity information of the subsistence allowance personnel to receive the subsistence allowance

  News from this newspaper (Reporter Zhou Jingjing, Correspondent Fu Jingyi, Li Ying) On the morning of March 16th, a public prosecution was filed by the Jianghan District Procuratorate of Wuhan City, Hubei Province to use his position to embezzle the national subsistence allowance funds. The subsistence allowance attendant Kong Mou was tried in court.

Community workers fraudulently claim 1.72 million of the minimum guarantee for ten years

  In April 2011, 26-year-old Tang was hired as a community grid service station webmaster and subsistence allowance specialist, mainly responsible for handling subsistence allowance approval and other tasks.

  The first part of the application and review of the subsistence allowance is the community.

As a professional, Tang is responsible for the preliminary review, acceptance, tabulation, and summary of the applicant's materials and then submit it to the community subsistence allowance appraisal team. The discussion results will be reported to the subdistrict subsistence allowances section for review after the expiration of the discussion period, and the administrative department will finally review it.

Unexpectedly, after doing a good job for half a year, Tang got his brains.

  In November 2011, Granny Wang retired on schedule and received her pension, so she no longer met the minimum living guarantee requirements.

After receiving the news, Tang told the other party in time, but did not "report the cancellation" as required, but privately changed Granny Wang's bank card account to his own bank account.

Relying on this trick to "stealing the beam and changing the pillar", from December 2011 to March 2015, Tang arbitrage a total of more than 35,000 yuan in Dibao funds in the name of Granny Wang.

  In order to avoid the disclosure of the matter, Tang only adds a few fraudulent accounts every year, and the withdrawal time ranges from several months to several years.

His wife, Yan, found that Tang had made more lavish moves. Combined with some of the bank passbooks that were found at home and opened in the name of others, she was also a community worker, and Yan had guessed the "how to make money" of her husband.

Faced with the temptation of money, Yan did not stop her husband's illegal behavior.

  After all, paper can't hold the fire.

In June 2019, when Tang heard about the investigation, he burned all the passbooks hidden at home to collect the minimum guarantee fund.

On July 1, Tang took the initiative to surrender to the supervisory authority.

Regarding how much of the minimum allowance he had collected, Tang claimed that “because of fear, I did not finish the calculation.” However, the investigative agency seized a lot of information from the USB flash drive he carried with him, and helped through the comparison of the minimum security system and verification of bank accounts. Tang has figured out this account:

  According to investigations, from November 2011 to March 2019, Mr. Tang fraudulently used the identity information of 46 people who were supposed to cancel the subsistence allowance, and used his 20 bank accounts opened in the name of relatives to fraudulently claim the subsistence allowance for a total of RMB 172. Ten thousand yuan.

One person was investigated and 4 people surrendered under heavy pressure

  On September 18, 2019, at the request of the Jianghan District Supervisory Committee, the Jianghan District Procuratorate intervened in advance of the investigation in accordance with the law.

After the undertaking prosecutor Fu Zhifeng carefully reviewed the case file, he predicted that the case may be a series of cases. It is recommended to continue to obtain materials from the person whose identity information was fraudulently used to improve the evidence, and follow the clues of other people's problems reported by Tang to dig into it.

  After the case was transferred for review and prosecution, Fu Zhifeng took the initiative to perform the procuratorial and investigation functions, by interrogating the defendant, inquiring the people involved in the case, such as street and community workers, consulting relevant laws and regulations, and inquiring the administrative department and the sub-district office’s minimum security system management rules and regulations. In related work processes, it was found that relevant units did have problems such as inadequate system implementation and lack of supervision.

  "Tang's method of committing the crime was to take advantage of the lax approval."

Fu Zhifeng explained that the normal information changes of the subsistence allowances must be operated and effective in the "Wuhan City Social Assistance Information Comprehensive Management System", and a set of paper approval documents will also be generated for future reference.

However, those account changes that Mr. Tang spoofed were only in electronic version, and there was no corresponding paper record such as the application form. No one found Tang's "small vault" for as long as eight years.

After the account number was changed, it was easy for the bank to find that the name of the subsistence allowance person did not match the payee, but because there was no verification and early warning procedure, Tang easily succeeded.

  After the incident, Tang’s family returned 400,000 yuan of stolen money to the supervisory authority.

On December 27, 2019, the Jianghan District Procuratorate filed a public prosecution against Tang for corruption.

In the court, the prosecutor determined that Tang had meritorious service and had a good attitude of pleading guilty and repentance, and proposed a lenient sentence for him in accordance with the law, which was accepted by the court.

On September 17, 2020, the court sentenced Tang to fixed-term imprisonment of six years and seven months and fined him 250,000 yuan.

  The careful and in-depth investigation by the supervisory authorities and the handling of a Tang case by the procuratorial authorities have formed a certain degree of deterrence among the local street and community subsistence allowance management staff.

From September 2019 to August 2020, Mr. Yang, a staff member of the subsistence allowance center who used his position to embezzle the national subsistence allowance fund like Tang, Mr. Zhang, and Mr. Kong, a subsistence allowance attendant of the street One after another surrendered to the supervisory authority to strive for leniency.

  Eight days after Tang's sentence was issued, his wife Yan took the initiative to surrender.

After review, Yan helped him to borrow his relative’s ID card to open a bank account to falsely claim the subsistence allowance when he was aware of Tang’s criminal behavior, and was entrusted by him to go to the bank to withdraw 19 times. The proceeds were obtained. Mostly used for co-living expenses, and was eventually found to be an accomplice in the crime of corruption.

On December 30, 2020, the Jianghan District Procuratorate filed a public prosecution against Yan for corruption.

Uncover "worms" and urge the units involved in the case to plug management loopholes

  In the process of handling this series of cases of embezzlement of subsistence allowances for hired staff in the streets, the undertaking prosecutor Fu Zhifeng sorted out the problems in the system implementation and personnel supervision of the departments involved based on a solid and in-depth investigation and verification, as well as similar case studies and judgments: At the institutional level, the approval process is a mere formality, and the rules and regulations are not implemented in place; at the regulatory level, the bank did not notify the supervisory unit of the change of the collection account information during the process of disbursement of the subsistence allowance funds, and the information coordination mechanism was not smooth; at the team level, the streets and the society The management of the staff is not in place, and the lack of warning education is lacking.

  "It is necessary to find out the'worms', and even plug the loopholes, to truly prevent such cases from happening." In response to the above problems, on October 19, 2020, the Jianghan District Procuratorate issued procuratorial recommendations to the administrative department and the street involved. Cautiously put forward four procuratorial recommendations: “Strictly implement the working mechanism in accordance with the law and standardize the examination and approval process; comprehensively check the distribution of subsistence allowances in recent years and carry out special rectification; strengthen anti-corruption warning education and broaden supervision channels; strengthen the management of hired personnel and improve the quality of the team”.

  After the procuratorial recommendations were issued, the relevant administrative departments attached great importance to them, immediately notified the overall situation and organized rectifications, quickly established the internal supervision responsibility system for the minimum guarantee funds and the real-name verification system for the information issued by the bank, carried out in-depth special governance activities to prevent corruption, and strengthened the education and management of cadres And business training, and a written reply to the rectification situation within one month.

The sub-district office involved in the case also rectified and implemented the opinions put forward by the procuratorial proposal one by one, formulated and promulgated the Implementation Measures for the Review and Approval of Minimum Living Security, standardized nine forms of subsistence security applications and authorizations, and further clarified the review and approval workflow, procedures and responsibilities An accountability mechanism, and at the same time, a classified inventory of the existing 500 subsistence allowances will be carried out to comprehensively clean up the blind spots of the work.

  After receiving the reply, the Jianghan District Procuratorate continued to maintain close contact with the recommended unit, and continued to do a good job in the second half of the procuratorial supervision.

Recently, Song Jianwei, secretary of the party group and chief prosecutor of the court, went to the street to investigate and understand the actual operation of the new system and new forms, followed up and urged the unit to continue rectification and implementation, and made procuratorial recommendations rigid and rigid.

  Zhou Jingjing Fu Jingyi Li Ying