Group LABOUM announced that they are discussing appearing on a music broadcast thanks to the reverse run of the song'Imagination Plus' released 5 years ago.

Today (31st), LABOUM's agency Global HMedia said, "Laboom is discussing appearing on music broadcasts due to the popularity of'Imagination Plus' running backwards, but it has not been confirmed yet. We are discussing appearances to reward fans' support."

LABOUM's'Add Imagination', released in 2016, is a classic song that has been consistently counted among fans and soldiers, but it is not widely known to the public, leaving a lot of regret.

Recently, however, Brave Girls''Rolin' began writing the myth of running backwards with the so-called'Millboard #1 song', and LABOUM's'Imagination Plus' was also re-examined. By breaking the number of hits, it also added power to the reverse driving flow.

In response, netizens said, "If'Rolin' is the military president,'Imagination plus' is a military song", "Millboard both mountains must run in reverse", "Fellow Armed Forces, now is the time to pay back the grace. I earnestly longed for the reverse run of'Imagination Plus' by leaving various comments such as.

After the release of the digital single'Cheese' in December of last year, attention is focused on whether LABOUM, which has focused on personal activities such as drama and entertainment, can succeed in reverse driving in 5 years following Brave Girls''Rolin'.

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