• Style duel between Calviño and Díaz: technical tie between two very different ministers (also in dress)

Have you followed the trends for this important act?

Have they been correct?

We dissect her looks and proclaim the winner of the stylistic duel to three.

Yolanda Díaz, Minister of Labor and new third vice president of the Government, has chosen a

white monochrome look.

So far everything is perfect: the monochlor is worn and the white is worn a lot.

It was chosen, a skirt and jacket suit not too current, however, in the forms.

The skirt should have been more pencil, that is, more closely fit her figure,

since it was too wide (and it made her also wider at the hips).

The jacket had a too conventional cut: it was not oversized or cropped,

as is more worn now.

Nadia Calviño, Minister of Economic Affairs and Second Vice President of the Government, has opted for

wide and flowing black pants (good), a white T-shirt (good) and a white and red houndstooth tweed jacket with a nod to the masculine

: a striped handkerchief that doubled as a loose tie.

She is the great winner of this stylistic duel

in the highest spheres: nothing was out of tune and everything was adequate.

At the other extreme, Ione Belarra, the new Minister of Social Rights, has also opted for the monochrome, but

has failed in the choice of black.

It is not the tone that is most worn or appropriate for a performance tomorrow.

Wide-leg trousers, wide bodice with wide sleeves and a V-neckline ...

better for a funeral.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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