Due to the possible uncertainty caused by the age restriction for AstraZeneca's corona vaccine, Union parliamentary group vice Carsten Linnemann (CDU) has spoken out in favor of vaccinations for politicians with high publicity.

"Maybe you can also think about the fact that now is the right time, whether one or the other politician vaccinates himself with AstraZeneca - I think the current time is right," said Linnemann on Wednesday in the program "Frühstart" on RTL and ntv.

Politicians are often accused of wanting to be preferred to vaccinate, Linnemann said.

But he thinks that now is "a precision landing where perhaps the right time is to lead by example".

According to a decision by the federal and state governments, the AstraZeneca corona vaccine should generally only be used for people over 60 years of age.

The background is thrombosis, especially in younger women.


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If only the first dose of the Biontech and Moderna vaccines were inoculated by the end of June, all those willing to be vaccinated in Germany could be covered by then - and because of their effectiveness, deaths would be avoided from then on.

The SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach emphasized on "Twitter".

He cited a study by the US health authority CDC, which showed that the Biontech vaccine prevented infection of others in 80 percent of cases two weeks after the first vaccination.

“The data clearly speak in favor of a new vaccination strategy.

Although it is not covered by approval, it would be pragmatically brave the best strategy to do almost only initial vaccinations for 12 weeks with Biontech and Moderna. "


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