Group Bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS) voiced their hatred targeting Asians.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts posted on their official SNS account on the 30th in Korean and English, saying, "I express my condolences to those who have lost my beloved family."

"I remember being discriminated against for being Asian," said BTS, "While walking down the street, I was cursed for no reason and my appearance was degraded. I even heard why Asians speak English.

BTS said, "Our experience is very trivial compared to what is happening right now." "It will be a pain we cannot express."

“What is happening right now is not separate from our identity as Asians,” he said. “There were a lot of worries until we brought out this story and decided how to convey our voice. But in the end, we had to communicate it. The message is clear."

BTS ended the article, saying, "We are against racism. We are against violence. I, you, and we all have the right to be respected. We will be together."

BTS added'StopAsianHate' (Stop hatred towards Asians) and'StopAAPIHate' (Stop hatred towards Asia-Pacific) as hashtags along with the article.

In recent years, in the United States and other Western countries, hate crimes such as murder and assault against Asians have been followed.

Accordingly, while world-class pop stars and K-pop singers are criticizing racism and hate crimes, BTS, which has global influence, also expressed their opposition to racism based on their experiences.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)