How much does it cost?

A trial package with two 200 gram packs is available for eleven euros.

Is that a real innovation?

The processing of insects has only been regulated in an EU regulation on "novel foods" since 2018;

So far, however, the market has not exactly been flooded with insect food.

The skepticism is probably still too great: This was also made clear in the "Den of the Lions" show, in which founder Lara Schuhwerk had the very first pitch appearance of the season.

All the lions were enthusiastic about the presentation and the idea, but the majority found the idea of ​​eating a barbecue rather mediocre.

Extensive online research also shows that pasta products with a similarly high proportion of insects (and therefore proteins) are currently difficult to obtain in Germany.

The cricket pasta at the test meal

Source: Julia Hackober

Do you need that?

The 28-year-old founder wants to solve a global problem with her cricket pasta: She started her TV pitch with an arithmetic example - by 2050 the world population is to grow to 10 billion people, all of whom have to be fed in the most resource-efficient way possible.

So Lara Schuhwerk from Albstadt in Baden-Württemberg relies on insects that use far less water in rearing and emit less CO2 than cattle or chickens, for example.

The advantage of insects in food is the high protein content: In Beneto pasta, for example, 15 percent cricket flour is found for every 100 grams.

Other ingredients: spelled flour, pea protein and sea salt.

In total, the product comes to 40 grams of protein per 100 grams. In the “Cave of the Lions” the pasta convinced Nico Rosberg and Ralf Dümmel, the founder ultimately opted for Rosberg (although he had announced at the beginning of the program that he mainly eats vegan - well).


Our test result:

Anyone who is used to alternative types of pasta made from chickpeas or lentils, for example, will not be unpleasantly surprised by the taste.

The noodles taste a little more floury and grainy than conventional fusilli, which was also discussed in the program.

With the right sauce (and a lot of Parmesan) this can be compensated for.

There was no big difference in taste between the individual varieties - in the test there was tomato and natural.

Nice idea: recipes are featured on the Beneto website.

The note that is also printed on the package is important: The cricket pasta can cause reactions in allergy sufferers (shellfish and mites).

After the test meal, unfortunately, the stomach rumbled, but this is probably due to individual intolerances.

More information at www.benetofoods.com.