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The British writer

George RR Martin

, known for the saga A

Song of Ice and Fire,

on which the television series

Game of Thrones was based

, has signed a millionaire agreement to produce series and films with the platforms





According to

an exclusive published Friday by the newspaper

The Hollywood Reporter

, which estimates the contract around 50 million dollars, the author is responsible for two new series,

Who Fears Death

(Who 's

Afraid of death) and


(Trade vials), in addition to the projects derived from the successful saga over the next five years.

Martin sold the rights to his novels to HBO in 2007, a deal that spawned the channel's most successful series, "Game of Thrones," which became the most




television fiction


Five projects from the imaginary of 'Game of Thrones'

Now, the author will supervise up to five projects based on the universe of A

Song of Ice and Fire


The first derivative series,

House of the Dragon

, is scheduled to premiere in 2022 with a story inspired by the book

Fire and Blood

(2018), whose narration takes place some 300 years before the events reported in

Game of Thrones

and that delves into the history of the



On the other hand, in January it became known that HBO was beginning to shape a new

Game of Thrones


that would revolve around the short novels

The Tales of Dunk and Egg

, by George RR Martin.

And there are three other ideas in development:

9 Voyages

, about

Corlys Velaryon's

sea ​​voyages


Flea Bottom

, about the poorest neighborhood in

King's Landing

, and

10,000 Ships

(10,000 ships), about Princess



These projects, as well as a hypothetical animated series, are in a very premature phase and it is possible that not all see the light.

For his part, Martin has released his own video game,

Elden Ring

, while working on another series for


, the



and on a feature film titled

In The Lost Lands


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