Left-behind old people have become "mobile phone control"

  Ji Wenliang

  In recent years, the left-behind elders in the village have found a new world on their mobile phones. Their daily lives are completely controlled on the mobile phones. The attachment and excessive obsession are even worse than those of young people.

  In the past, the elderly in the village either went to visit other homes or joked and laughed happily in the streets and alleys in groups, but it was a pity that this kind of life was gone forever.

  Last winter, every time I talked with my cousin in my hometown, I felt that he was a little bit uncomfortable.

It turned out that he had two mobile phones, one was a new one bought by his second daughter, and the other was an old one that the eldest daughter eliminated. They were all smart phones.

While I was talking with him, he was still watching a short video on another phone.

The cousin said that the winter is free and there is no one on the street, all "cats" are watching their mobile phones at home.

He and his cousin could hardly say a few words in a year, and when they were free, they each immersed themselves in their mobile phones.

  After returning to my hometown after the Spring Festival, I deeply realized the incomparable charm of mobile phones in the eyes of the left-behind elderly.

The women who used to be busy in front of the pot now have mobile phones in their hands or pockets.

Some middle-aged women chat with netizens in the group at high doors and loudly in the street, and middle-aged and old men stare at the screen of their mobile phones.

  One night, I went to my cousin's house, but there was no sound in their house.

When I walked into the house, I realized that the whole family was looking at their mobile phones.

The cousin wore reading glasses and said that he could not live without the live broadcast of the drama on his mobile phone, and he was busy all day long.

  One day, I saw Lao Jin coming out of the toilet with a big mobile phone in his hand. The singing in the mobile phone was very loud.

I heard from the villagers that Lao Jinjin's WeChat group is particularly large.

I can't believe my ears. In my memory, Lao Jin, who is over 60 years old, can't even write his own name.

Now, he also played WeChat on his phone, and chatted with a "daughter-in-law" in the group.

His so-called "daughter-in-law" used sweet words to "squeeze out his hard-earned money."

He couldn't even afford a catty of pork during the New Year.

  I met Fa Xiao Wang again.

Since his parents have learned voice and video calls, they often connect with him.

He is the only son of his parents. He works as far away as Baotou, and he cannot return home once a year.

Sometimes when he just got off the night shift, he did not fall asleep until he got home, and the video call from his parents came.

He was very angry.

However, seeing the tearful eyes of the elderly and the elderly in the phone, his heart ached.

The two elderly people in his family keep their mobile phones in their hands every day, and mobile phones have become their closest dependence.

  The elderly people in the village who are obsessed with mobile phones often stay up late and do not have enough sleep, some have markedly reduced vision, dizzy all day long, and countless people are deceived by mobile phones.