Improper speeding operation!

Heilongjiang Hailun "3·24" Bus Rollover Accident Announces Investigation Results

  At 7 o'clock on March 24, 2021, a bus rollover accident occurred in Donglin Town, Hailun City, Suihua, Heilongjiang, resulting in 7 deaths and 8 injuries.

After receiving the report, the Ministry of Public Security attached great importance to it and organized in-depth investigation experts of traffic accidents to rush to the scene to guide the investigation and handling of the accident.

  The black bus R83486 is actually owned by the owner Wang XX, and is daily attached to the Suihua branch of Heilongjiang Nongken Hengtong Co., Ltd. for road passenger transportation.

Speeding and improper operation of the driver and car were the direct causes of the accident. The passengers in the car did not wear seat belts and aggravated the consequences of the accident. Three of them were thrown out of the car and died on the spot.

  The Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security reminds that bus drivers must strictly abide by the law and drive in a safe and civilized manner. Passengers must consciously wear seat belts throughout the journey.

(Li Jun, headquarter CCTV reporter)