Pierre Ménès, under fire from critics since Sunday -

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FIFA 22 

be done without Pierre Ménès' comments?

This is a hypothesis that sits on the table of Electronic Arts, the publisher of the football simulation game.

“We are carefully following the worrying facts alleged against Pierre Ménès because we are very vigilant about the behavior of our athletes and our partners.

In light of these elements, we are actively examining the continuation of his relationship with EA SPORTS, ”the American editor said on one of his Twitter accounts.

Canal + was accused Monday of having censored a documentary on sexism in sports journalism to protect its columnist Pierre Ménès, the passages implicating him in two cases of alleged sexual assault having been cut from the final version, according to the site

The Days


Contacted by AFP, the channel declined to comment.

Let women speak

Broadcast on Sunday on Canal +, the documentary

I am not a slut, I am a journalist

 by Marie Portolano, a former in-house journalist leaving for M6, retraces more than 40 years of struggle for parity in this very masculine sector, between condescending looks, remarks on the physical or even harassment.

From Nathalie Iannetta to Clémentine Sarlat via Estelle Denis, many journalists have testified at the microphone of the co-director, herself a victim of sexual assault, according to

Les Jours

, on the part of Pierre Ménès.

In August 2016, at the end of a

Canal Football Club program

, the columnist would have lifted her skirt before grabbing her buttocks, "off the air but in front of the public," says the online media.

The other case concerns his colleague Isabelle Moreau, forcibly kissed on the mouth by Pierre Ménès to "celebrate" the hundredth, in 2011, of the

Canal Football Club

, a scene visible on social networks.

"We can't say anything more"

One of the passages was finally broadcast Monday evening in the program

Touche pas à mon poste

on C8, which received Pierre Ménès.

"I will never be caught doing things like that", he said, while estimating that since the emergence of the movement "#Metoo, we can not say anything, we can not do anything".

Since Monday, indignant reactions have been raining down on social networks, particularly those affiliated with the keyword #PierreMenesOut.

The Nanterre public prosecutor's office, which had opened a judicial investigation of the head of "moral harassment" on December 16, 2020 following a complaint from his former assistant Emmanuel Trumer, has not received any other complaints against Pierre Ménès .


Pierre Ménès, a "character of old libidinous" that Canal + continues to "protect"


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