School press week - Learning to understand the world in 2021

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Pascal Paradou, Lidwien Van Dixhoorn and Gérard Colavecchio.

© Cécile Lavolot / RFI

By: Pascal Paradou

30 mins

For this 32nd edition of the School Press Week, the focus will be on the pitfalls of infodemic.

How to verify its sources and understand the discourse and the media system?


Lidwien Van Dixhoorn,

Head of the French Language Department

Gérard Colavecchio, 

head of the Digital Strategy and the JRI network within the Communication Department of the

Agency for the Teaching of French Abroad


Both are co-authors of 

Les media en classe, educational kit for the language class (PUG editions). 

Some reference sites:

The CLEMI website 

Articles on TV5MONDE and on RFI Savoirs Tomorrow

And the chronicle "The flea in the ear" by 

Lucie Bouteloup


Today: "Degrease the mammoth".


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