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Is the war between the Gallagher brothers over?

Hostilities seem to have gone down a notch.

In any case, as far as business is concerned, since Liam and Noel Gallagher have managed to agree to set up a film production company.

Called Kosmic Kyte Ltd, it has two sole directors, as can be seen on the official register of British companies: Liam John Paul Gallagher and Noel Thomas David Gallagher.

A recent association, the creation date being February 24 of this year.

On associated documents, the one who flies solo with the High Flying Birds describes his job as a "musician" while the younger one is "a singer".

And the main activity of this entity is therefore “film production”.

12 years of quarrel and a birthday

Setting up this company in 2021 is not trivial, since the group that made them famous was founded just thirty years ago.

In 1991, Noel Gallagher decided to take the reins from Rain, which then included his brother Liam on vocals, Bonehead (Paul Arthurs) on guitar, Paul McGuigan on bass and Tony McCarroll on drums.

Oasis was born.

No offense to the fans, a reunion concert remains highly improbable.

On the other hand, a film retracing their career is more than plausible to mark this anniversary.

Liam Gallagher has already bent to the exercise of retrospection, in the documentary


(2016) directed by Mat Whitecross in which Noel participated, then in

As It Was

(2019) by Charlie Lightening which returned to the singer's journey from


since the end of the group, in 2009 during the Rock en Seine festival, until his solo resurrection with a first album,

As You Were


Noel Gallagher, for his part, has remained rather removed from the media, devoting himself to his albums with the High Flying Birds and several tours.

Next month also releases

Creation Stories

, which tells the story of Alan McGee and his label Creation Records, who signed Oasis in 1993, from a screenplay by Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanagh, and produced, among others, by Danny Boyle.

The time for reconciliation may have come.


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