Jean from America, Haiti and elsewhere

Audio 48:30

John of America.

© Marie Monfils

By: Yasmine Chouaki

50 mins

Opening all his windows and all his being to the chaos of the world: this is the projectile project of a young poet from a deafening symphony, that of Port-au-Prince.

The verb full of mouths and notches, he writes:

At the dawn of a song of cannons, come to move a few bits of gratuitous flesh.

This street, a plateau where the adventure of breath breaks, a knife that splits the soul of this world ...


He could say it in another language, but would that be less cruel?

Kanno fenk tanmen sings gentan gen bout vyann gratisticherî k ap dance.

Riyèl sa yon plato kote souf sispann flannen yon kouto k ap tranche nanm latè beni.

Jean d'Amérique

is as cruel as a Haitian alley.

He proves it since

Petite fleur du ghetto

and all its literary prizes, he proves it with his International Poetic Trance Festival in Port-au-Prince, he proves it in the form of a long fictionalized poem, entitled

Soleil à coudre

published c / o Actes Sud and which rings nicely on this

International Francophonie Day.

The musical choices of Jean d'Amérique

Thugga Shit 

Ayisyen pa konn jwe


Melissa Laveaux     

Nan fon bwa


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