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Reading, Happiness and Positive in the National Archives

Happiness and Positivity lecture organized in conjunction with Happiness Day.

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Over the course of three consecutive days, the National Archives recently organized three teleconferences, out of its interest in the month of reading, and to encourage the use of the collections of the Emirates Specialized Library, and to celebrate the Emirati Children's Day and the International Day of Happiness.

Within the framework of the month of reading, the librarian, Omar Hammadneh, presented a lecture entitled: “Among the library's anecdotes: the Imam Qur’an,” in which he praised the efforts of the founder and founder of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him, who cared about science, culture and knowledge as major components of modern society.

He said: “Whoever enters the reading room of the Emirates Library, the first thing that shakes hands with his eyes is a copy of the Imam’s Qur’an, which is known as the (Tashkent) Qur’an, and the only copy of it was sent by Caliph Othman bin Affan - may God be pleased with him - to Kufa, then it was transferred to Tashkent after Hulagu invaded Baghdad and ordered the printing of it, the late Sheikh Zayed, and the first edition of it was published by Tlass House in 2004. ”

In conjunction with the Emirati Child’s Day, the National Archives, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Autism Center of the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, presented a virtual lecture entitled: “My Right to Play” in which an educational program specialist in the archive, Hind Al Zaabi, spoke about Wadima's law to preserve the rights of children in the UAE, and the general goals For Emirati Children's Day.

The lecture touched on Emirati Children's Day 2021. She defined play as a group of physical and mental activities that enhance the growth and development of the physical health, abilities and skills necessary for the child from birth.

She urged the parties participating in the Emirati Children's Day to involve him in their activities and initiatives.

The archive also presented a hypothetical lecture entitled: “Reflections on Happiness and Positivity” in conjunction with the International Day of Happiness, in which the lecturer, Dr. Mansour Habib, emphasized that “seeking to make people happy is happiness in itself, just as happy people produce more and live longer.

If the positivity is a way of thinking, then happiness is a way of life, and the positive employee is optimistic, confident in his abilities, and takes the initiative to always be in the first row.

The lecturer compared between pleasure and happiness, referring to the motivation tools.

• Omar Hammadneh presented a lecture entitled: “Among the anecdotes of the Library .. the Imam Qur’an.”

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