In the spotlight: vaccination with AstraZeneca resumes in Europe

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Vaccination against Covid-19 with the AstraZeneca vaccine resumed in Europe on Friday March 19.


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AstraZeneca is a safe and effective vaccine

 ", therefore decided the European Medicines Agency after doubts raised about its safety and its suspension in many European countries.

And the news is featured on the front pages of much of the press around the world.

Starting with the British press, which did not have the modest triumph, mocking as the

Daily Telegraph does

the precautionary principle of Europeans

 " or even emphasizing " 

how [henceforth] Germany, France and Italy are 'rush to resume use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine

 ,' the




echoing the

Wall Street Journal



The vaccine is considered safe, but will people want it


 », Asks the American daily.

A concern shared by

Die Welt

 for whom " 

the problems have only just begun


The German newspaper points out that there is no " 

back to square one with AstraZeneca

 ", while the vaccine " 

has suffered a significant loss of confidence


And Germany, explains

Die Welt, 

should entrust as much as possible the responsibility for vaccinations " 

to general practitioners who have a relationship closer to the patients

 ", the only ones able to restore a " 

relationship of trust


The suspension of vaccinations with AstraZeneca must be considered a mishap

 ," said

La Repubblica

, which explains that European heads of state must now move forward and quickly, while the third wave of the pandemic threatens.

The Italian daily puts forward " 

the winning formula, that of the Americans

 ", which it sums up to " 

a prick in the arm, and a check in the pocket


This is " 

a language of responsibility, which responds to citizens


demand for security

," emphasizes

La Repubblica


Verbal escalation between Washington and Moscow

The conflict between Putin and Biden is escalating,

 " headlines the


, which reports the latest " 

verbal pass

 " between the two presidents after Biden accused Putin " 

of being a killer


It is the one who says it who is

 ", coldly mocked the Russian president, underlines the British daily, " 

implying that Biden himself was a killer


From the atomic bombardment of Japan to the massacre of Amerindians through slavery, Putin tried to send Biden back to the murky history of the United States

 ", analysis for his part

El Pais

, who notes that the Russian president nevertheless ensures " 

that Russia will continue to work with Washington

 ”, and that he wants“ 

a telephone interview with Biden

 ”in the coming days.

For the

New York Times

, Biden's accusations just offered "

a new opportunity for Vladimir Putin to highlight his confrontation with the West


a useful tool for his own public opinion

, estimates the American daily,

at a time when discontent is growing in Russia because of a stagnant economy and corruption of power


For its part, the

Washington Post

underlines " 

that the escalation of tensions with the West has often accompanied the measures of internal repression of the Kremlin, which claims that the United States supports the Russian opposition to weaken Putin


Spain, 5th country in the world to legalize euthanasia

More than a year after the start of the parliamentary debate, " 

Congress has definitively approved the law on euthanasia, by a large majority

 ", headlines

La Vanguardia,

which underlines that the law " 

will come into force in 3 months

 ", for people who suffer from a " 

rare and incurable disease

 " with " 

constant and intolerable suffering


Spain thus joins the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Canada

 ", welcomes his side

El Pais,

who quotes the Spanish Minister of Health, for whom this law makes " 

society fairer and more decent, anxious to prevent the suffering of all


Main opponents of the legalization of euthanasia, the PP, the popular party, and Vox, the far-right party, deplore for their part " 

that the government has chosen death instead of treatment


Vox, underlines

El Pais

, " 

intends to appeal the law to the Constitutional Court


Mice infestation decimates crops in eastern Australia

It's a real horror sight

 ", as one of the Australian TV presenters put it, in front of the images of these millions of mice swarming everywhere " 

in the streets, in the fields, but also in the houses, the hotels. and even in hospitals



Three patients from New South Wales were thus bitten by mice on their hospital beds


reports the

Guardian "

despite the traps, the repellents, the joints of the doors and windows


Nothing helps, the entire rural eastern part of the country is




by rodents which decimates "

the crops, destroys the hay and invades the silos




absolute scourge

" "

a real plague

 ", denounce Australian farmers, who quantify crop losses in millions of dollars.   


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