Sayuri, a Japanese broadcaster who became a spontaneous unmarried mother, drew attention, even embarrassed Kim Gura by mentioning Robert Harley with a unique unstoppable speech.

Sayuri appeared on MBC's'Radio Star' aired on the 17th and told the story of the agency while explaining the manager who tried to hide her pregnancy.

Sayuri said, "I and Mr. Harley are in my company. I am a foreigner who gave birth secretly, and Mr. Harley is a foreigner who secretly eats bad things and is self-sufficient. The company representative said he would never sign a contract with a foreigner.

Robert Harley is currently self-sufficient on charges of drug use.

Sayuri said, "I'm always worried that Mr. Harley will meet and hang out with a bad person. So I call and text me five or six times a day."

Sayuri didn't stop talking even though MC Kim Gura tried to move on to another topic due to Sayuri's overly honest talk.

Sayuri said, "Hally, Mr. Harley made cookies for me. I doubted whether I could eat this or not. I think there might be something bad in it. But I ate it and it was okay," said the episode.

Kim Gura couldn't hide his embarrassment, saying, "You are counting," at Sayuri's talk.

[Photo = MBC broadcast capture]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)