Recently, fans of the group Brave Girls, who are writing a new reverse driving myth, have exerted a good influence.

Yesterday (17th), a message was posted on the DC Inside Brave Girls Gallery saying,'The delivery of the co-book chip sponsorship has been completed'.

Brave Girls fans donated 20 boxes of sweets to the local children's center, and this was a good deed that started with the nickname of Brave Girls Yu Jeong.

Previously, fans recommended Yoo Jung as a model of the same name for Yoo Jeong, who gained the nickname'Kobukja' by resembling a Pokemon character squirting along with the reverse run of'Rolin'. In this regard, a representative of the confectionery company appeared in the fan gallery Although the request was rushing, the advertising model case needs careful review," he said. "I was impressed with the firepower of the fans for the Brave Girls. I want to deliver the product because I want to give even a small tribute for the Brave Girls."

Afterwards, the confectionery company tried to donate confectionery as a fan gallery event item, but the fans unanimously chose to donate.

Accordingly, the company increased the quantity from 10 boxes of sweets to 20 and delivered them to the local children's center.

He also shared a warm review saying, "The children who received the sweets were still young and did not know the Brave Girls, but they drew a heart saying they were grateful."

Earlier, Brave Girls fans asked for Yoo Jung's selection of an advertising model that resembles a twist and bought the stock of the confectionery company, and it was surprising that the account verification of the fans who bought a large amount of stocks from 6 million won to 30 million won continued.

(Photo = Brave Entertainment, DC Inside Brave Girls Gallery)

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