The controversy over which the famous sports card production company in the United States discriminated against the group BTS (BTS) was engulfed.

The card company apologized for the controversy and announced that it would stop making the card, but the apology is still hitting public opinion.

Topps, a company that produces cards with the faces of sports players, is also famous in Korea on the 16th (local time) on the official website of '2021 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: The Shammy Awards' (2021 Tops Garbage Fail Kids: The Shemi Awards) was revealed.

Released in commemoration of the '63rd Grammy Awards', the card series depicts Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Billy Eilish, Megan De Stalion, Harry Styles, and BTS who performed at this awards ceremony. Expressed as.

But the bulletproof boy band's card became a problem.

It was pointed out that while other singers expressed their being singers by drawing the stage or costumes that were shown at this Grammy Awards, BTS wore a'mole game' and painted them in a ridiculous manner.

In the card that was actually released, BTS became the horse of a mole catching game and was hit by a gramophone symbolizing the Grammy Awards.

Bruises, wounds, and band-aids were painted on the members' faces.

The glory and joy of BTS, who was nominated for the Grammy Awards and created a solo stage for the first time as a Korean singer, drew a new step in the history of music can not be found.

After the illustration card was released, BTS fans at home and abroad poured out fierce protests.

Criticism raged, saying, "It's not satire, but ridicule and racism.

On Twitter, the hashtag'#RacismIsntComedy' (racism is not a comedy) has spread.

As the controversy grew, Tops posted an apology.

Tops apologized for not using the image except for the BTS sticker card in the set.

However, after the apology was released, the criticism of netizens did not subside.

Controversy continued that Tops' apology was not sincere and profuse.

It is pointed out that the apology is read as a nuance of stopping card sales because of the protests of fans, without revealing the reason why the subject who apologizes is actually apologizing for something wrong.

Billboard is also not free from this controversy.

Billboard, which was criticized for supporting the racism controversy by posting an article announcing the release of the product, began to correct the situation by deleting the related post.

[Photo = Provided by Big Hit Entertainment, TOPPS SNS capture]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)