In order to eliminate waiting-list children, a signature made by a group of childcare workers and parents against the policy regarding the fact that the government has conditionally allowed short-time childcare workers to operate classes from the new year, etc. I submitted it to the country.

The national government has announced the "New Child-rearing Relief Plan," which states that a new saucer for approximately 140,000 children will be prepared in the four years from the new fiscal year in order to eliminate waiting-list children waiting for the nursery school to become available.

Among these, the system that previously required one full-time childcare worker to be assigned to each class was revised, and only in local governments where waiting-list children cannot be eliminated due to a shortage of childcare workers, two short-time childcare workers can be used in the class. It is allowed to operate.

On the 17th, an organization made up of childcare workers and parents who opposed this policy submitted more than 28,000 signatures and requests to the persons in charge of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Cabinet Office.

In the request form, maintain the standard of assigning full-time childcare workers to the class to protect the environment where children can spend their time with peace of mind, and improve treatment such as wages so that full-time childcare workers can be sufficiently secured. And so on.

In response, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare replied, "I know there are cautious opinions. I would like to ask local governments to properly operate the system in order to ensure the quality of childcare."

Nobuko Mikata of the "Better Childcare! Executive Committee" who submitted the request said, "I would like to seek measures to eliminate labor shortages without degrading the quality of childcare."