The group BTS was the first Korean pop singer on the Grammy stage, and immediately after the performance, member V received the attention of the world.

Yesterday (15th) BTS performed the stage of the digital single'Dynamite' released in August last year at the 63rd'Grammy Awards'.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts, which performed an intense stage with the night view of the Han River in the background, presented spectacular stage effects such as flower decorations and firecrackers, as well as performances that overwhelm the attention of viewers around the world.

Immediately after the performance, the reaction of domestic and foreign netizens who were enthusiastic about BTS's stage was poured out on the SNS. Among them, there were many articles looking for V, such as'white suit','a man with a green microphone', and'a man with a wink'.

On this day, V, who appeared in a white suit, showed a relaxed wink at the camera, and this moment captivated netizens around the world.

American actor Allie McKay also posted a tweet on SNS immediately after the BTS stage, saying, "Who is the man who winks in a white suit?" After that, thanks to the fans of BTS, he got to know V's name, "New Kids as a child. I liked On the Block's Joy McKintyre, but now V has become my Joy."

BTS was nominated for a pop duo group performance at this year's'Grammy Awards', but unfortunately, they did not receive the award.

In response, BTS members expressed their commitment to the future, saying, "We wanted more performances than awards. Next year, we will go and receive them ourselves. It was a glorious day without any regrets."

(Photo = Big Hit Entertainment, Twitter'alliemackay')




(SBS Entertainment News editor

Jinyun Jin