"Two bombs city" protection from ills: after selling to the enterprise, the protection meets obstacles, and the department is being damaged and repaired

  Surging News Reporter Xu Hui

The site of the "Two Bomb City" in Zitong County, Sichuan.

  Before the Spring Festival, the tourism development enterprise of the former courtyard building of the "Two Bomb City" in Zitong, Sichuan, without applying for approval, dismantled the doors and windows of the former courtyard building and prepared to use them for other purposes, causing the original appearance to be destroyed.

The company's move has been widely questioned by the local cultural community.

  On February 28, a vice chairman of the CPPCC in Zitong County of Sichuan Province confirmed the matter to The Paper (www.thepaper.cn) and said that the County Bureau of Culture, Radio, and Television had issued a "stop work notice" to stop it, but it was unsuccessful.

At present, the local competent authority has severely punished the company and ordered it to be restored to its original state.

According to public reports by media such as Guangming Daily, the "Two Bomb City" is located in Zitong County, Sichuan Province, and is the former site of the Ninth Academy (China Academy of Engineering Physics).

In the 1960s, the institute moved here from Qinghai, and moved from Zitong to Mianyang Science and Technology City in 1992.

A large number of scientists, including Deng Jiaxian and Wang Ganchang, worked incognito here, and completed the design plans for the atomic bomb and the "hydrogen bomb" one after another.

  After moving to Mianyang, the former site of the Ninth Hospital (the "Two Bomb City") was handed over to the Zitong County Government as a whole.

According to a person in charge of the local cultural management office, around 2000, Zitong County sold this place to the Tikkalis Group.

  The person in charge of the Zitong County Cultural Management Office introduced that when the cultural relics department carried out the "national security" declaration process here, for the interests of the enterprise, the Iron Knight only agreed to declare the seven dormitories including the former residence of Deng Jiaxian, so the "Two Bomb City" site The core and most important office buildings, information centers, etc., are not even counted as county-level cultural relics until today. This is the current embarrassing situation.

The office building of the department is currently being closed for repair

"Two Bomb City" the former site of the courtyard building is beyond recognition

  On February 27, The Paper saw in front of the courtyard building of the "Two Bomb City" that almost all of the buildings here are red brick Soviet-style buildings, shaded by green pines and verdant cypresses. In the rain and mist, it became more and more mysterious.

  The former courtyard building was at the core of the "Two Bomb City".

"Deng Jiaxian and Wang Ganchang were both working there at the time, which is very important." A person in charge of the Zitong County Cultural Management Office introduced.

  Zeng Zhaoxiong, a retired employee of the Ninth Institute who worked here, said that the nuclear weapons research base at the foot of Changqing Mountain in Zitong was named the "No. 3" area, and the courtyard building was the extremely important center and command center of the entire base at that time.

  "Can you imagine the stories that happened every day in that building?" said a cultural person in Mianyang. During the development of the "Two Bombs", how much information and results that inspired the Chinese people and shocked the world were produced here. Collect and pass it on.

But now, it was hollowed out, leaving only an empty shelf.

  A vice chairman of the Zitong County Political Consultative Conference told The Paper that the Zitong County Government and the New Bureau of Culture, Radio, Culture, and Sports have all come forward to stop it when they knew that the company was renovating the hospital building. They also issued a "stop work notice", but they didn't stop it.

The company took advantage of the New Year's Day holiday and demolished it all at once. This made people in the cultural circles of Mianyang and Zitong feel angry about this, including many local officials who publicly criticized it.

Later, the governments of Mianyang City and Zitong County and the Ninth Institute all came forward, and the enterprise recognized the mistake and expressed willingness to rectify it.

  Nowadays, construction fences have been added to the periphery of the yard building, and repairs are underway. From the outside, the previous doors and windows of the building have been removed, leaving only the bare brick wall door frames. The carpenters are rushing to make new doors and windows and prepare to install them. , Part has been installed, workers are painting.

Department office building that has been idle

  The Paper reporter noted that the construction announcement on the fence stated: "Our company will repair the doors and windows of this building." The announcement was made by Mianyang Liangdancheng Tourism Development Co., Ltd., and the construction unit was a cultural relics construction company from Jiangsu.

According to the information from Tianyan, Tiqi Lux Industrial Co., Ltd. is the sole shareholder of Mianyang Liangdancheng Tourism Development Co., Ltd., holding 100% of the shares.

  "It turns out that 90% of the doors and windows are good, and some of the glass is broken. These are all'national cultural relics'. Even if they are repaired, they must be declared first, and they must be carried out in accordance with the norms. They will be restored to the old, and they did not apply for approval at all." The vice chairman of the county CPPCC said that she participated in the restoration work meeting at that time, and the Iron Knight Group later recognized the mistake and sincerely apologized at the meeting.

The Ninth Academy proposed at the meeting that all restorations should be made in accordance with the requirements of cultural relics protection.

  According to the introduction on the official website of the Sichuan Triathlon Group: “Founded in 1992, Triathlon has developed from a single feed processing to a modern agriculture and animal husbandry food group integrating feed production, breeding and breeding of breeding livestock and poultry, slaughter and division, and intensive food processing in the past 29 years. , Has 130 branches (subsidiaries) across the country."

Carpenter is making new wooden door frame

Deng Jiaxian and others worked incognito here for more than ten years

  The Paper noted that the aforementioned vice chairman of the CPPCC in Zitong County publicly questioned the actions of the Iron Horseman on WeChat: “If you don’t report for approval, you will tear it down if you want to tear it down, or destroy it if you want to destroy it. Is it a dead letter?" "Are you worthy of the old martyrs of the Ninth Academy under the Nine Springs?"

  According to public information: Zitong "Two Bomb City" was built in the late 1960s, covering an area of ​​more than 3,000 acres and a building area of ​​200,000 square meters.

In 1969, the departments of the Ninth Academy of Sciences moved here from Qinghai.

During the 14 years from 1970 to 1984, Deng Jiaxian, Wang Ganchang, Yu Min, Zhu Guangya, and a large number of scientists worked here in secret.

  In 1992, the Ninth Academy moved from Zitong to Mianyang Science and Technology City.

  In 2014, the former site of the "Two Bomb City" was recognized as a base for national defense, science, technology, industry and military industry culture and education. In January 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Tourism Administration and other units announced the "National Red Tourism Classic Scenic Spot List", and the "Two Bomb City" was selected List of classic scenic spots in China's red tourism.

  In 2019, the site of the "Two Bomb City" has been included in the eighth batch of national key cultural relics protection units announced by the State Council.

At the same time, it is also the second batch of industrial heritage announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China.

  The Paper noted that most of the old buildings on the site of the "Two Bomb City" are currently idle, except for a small portion of them for the development of "red tourism" projects.

Office building after the old doors and windows were torn off

  A person in charge of the Zitong Cultural Management Office told The Paper: In addition to the office building of the department of the "Two Bomb City", every other building is also very important and has a story.

Opposite the department building is the Information Center. As a former intelligence analysis center and communication center, it looks very ordinary from the outside, but the building "has extremely strong protection. There used to be a post with three steps and one guard at five steps. Subject to strict inspection".

  The person in charge said that the building is now almost full of debris.

Going further back from the information center is the "villa area" where Deng Jiaxian and other bomb experts lived. Although it is called a villa, it is actually a bungalow with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, toilet and guard room.

Next to it is the place where Admiral Zhang Aiping once lived.

The awkward situation caused by the inheritance of tenure

  According to the aforementioned vice chairman of the CPPCC in Zitong County, the restoration has been carried out in accordance with the plan reviewed and approved by the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau.

At the same time, the local cultural relics department also issued heavy fines to the enterprises involved in accordance with the Cultural Relics Protection Law.

Office building after the old doors and windows were torn off

  The vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference said that in recent years, the company has done a lot of things in the two bombing cities, and several old buildings have been converted for other purposes. Among them, the exterior of the former accommodation building was painted and turned into a hotel.

The former middle school and teaching building have also been converted into "red halls."

"They renovated the department building at the time, and they planned to replace them with aluminum alloy doors and windows and lease them to training institutions outside."

  The person in charge of the Zitong Cultural Management Office also described corporate behavior as "bad in nature", but said that the root cause of the problem was the sale of the "Two Bomb City" that year. The Iron Knight Group purchased the site of the Ninth Hospital and became the owner of the site, and the local cultural protection department therefore In an awkward situation.

Overall view of the faculty building

  The person in charge said that around 2013, the "Two Bomb Cities" should declare the seventh batch of key cultural relics protection units in the country, but according to the law, "non-state-owned" declarations must be signed by the owner. At that time, the head of the Tikkius Group was out of corporate interests. , Did not agree to the declaration, "for fear of being controlled by various regulations and affecting the development of the enterprise", this time was delayed for five or six years.

At the end of 2019, the eighth batch of declarations could not be delayed. The cultural relics department ran to discuss with the company every day, "To be honest, they finally agreed to report Deng Jiaxian’s old residence and other seven expert dormitories", and the entire site except for a small part of the 1980s The buildings are all Soviet-style structures in the 1960s. There are about 160 buildings, including the most important and core buildings, information centers, libraries, and communication stations that have not been declared at all. Therefore, "there are really important architectural sites, On the contrary, even county-level cultural relics are not counted now."

  "From the perspective of the enterprise, it can be understood that such a large investment must be profitable." The person in charge said that now they can't figure out why the site was sold at a low price.

The aforementioned vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Zitong County also had similar confusions. According to her, "The Iron Knight only spent 600,000 to buy in."

"Two bomb city" air-raid shelter

  However, a local person said that the eighth batch of key cultural relics under the protection of the country is the "third-line nuclear weapons development base site" in Zitong County, which is aimed at the entire site. Therefore, the local punishment of enterprises is not without basis.

  On March 1, the person in charge of the branding department of the Tieqi Lux Group told The Paper that this matter has now been dealt with, and in principle, no media interviews will be accepted.

  Zeng Zhaoxiong said that every plant, one tree, one brick and one tile here carry the spirit and culture of the two bombs. The building complex in the “No. 3” area should be “largely protected” and no major development should be carried out. Commercial development for profit.

  The Paper News reporter noted that the current admission ticket to enter this site is 40 yuan per person, and there are also cadre training colleges and outreach training programs.

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