The Tokyo District Court convicted a fine of 300,000 yen in a trial charged with injury for assaulting and injuring a colleague's staff, saying that the tea served by the Prime Minister's Office staff to the cabinet was thin. I handed it over.

In July, a 42-year-old defendant, a 42-year-old employee of the Prime Minister's Office, assaulted a colleague who served cabinet tea in the hot water supply room of the Prime Minister's Office, saying that the tea was thin and that the setup was bad. , Was charged with injury for scratching his arm.

At the trial, the defendant pleaded not guilty, saying, "A colleague is giving false testimony to cheat a mistake. No assault."

In a ruling on the 16th, Judge Takumi Suzuki of the Tokyo District Court said, "The testimony of my colleague is concrete and consistent with the video of the security camera. It is hard to imagine that he would do so, and it is recognized that he was injured by the assault of the defendant. "

The Prime Minister's Office has stated that "the decision has not been finalized, so we will refrain from commenting."