Qin Daixin, a commentator for half a month

  "I just want to be an ordinary person." This is the ramen brother crying to the camera after the explosion.

  Not long ago, because a bowl of ramen was sold for RMB 3 for 15 years without increasing the price, Cheng Yunfu, a villager in Liangqiu Town, Fei County, Linyi County, Shandong Province became angry. People affectionately called this simple Shandong guy "Ramen Brother".

After the overnight boom, Ramen brother became synonymous with traffic, life has undergone a great change, business has improved, but it is also facing new problems.

  Nowadays, hundreds of people surround Ramen’s door every day, "long guns and short cannons" squatting day and night, all because as long as you touch the Ramen brother, you will be able to catch fire.

In this "super traffic pool", some people forcibly embrace Ramen brother to recognize relatives and take pictures, some ask Ramen brother to help read advertisements, and some people set up a juggling stage in front of the booth to do a lot of weird behaviors and live broadcast. Do not use the extreme.

In the past month, at most 500 people live at their doorsteps every day. In order to seize a favorable location for live broadcasting, they even set up tents, fly drones, and fly paragliders. Because of the large crowds, some people even started to rent out. Wi-Fi and other peripheral businesses.

The traffic brought by Ramen alone feeds countless people.

  Ramen’s original intention was very simple. He just wanted to guard his ramen stall, but the excessive crowds brought by traffic made him unable to continue his business. Someone dared not return, and he even became a “tool man” used by others for profit. .

In a recent interview, Ramen said he did not want to be used to make money anymore.

  Ramen brother’s dilemma seems to be a repeat of the previously popular “brother overcoat” and “Little Jack Ma”. These absurd phenomena of excessive onlookers and rubbing traffic are all due to the word “flow”.

In recent years, short video platforms have prospered, and more and more ordinary people have become popular overnight because of a short video. It has become easier to obtain traffic, but how to use the traffic after becoming popular has become a problem.

Traffic is a double-edged sword. Some people can use traffic to help others, bring hometown products and promote local economic development; but some people, in order to capture their own interests, will swarm up when traffic appears, rubbing traffic without a bottom line. Disturb the lives of others, and even disrupt the normal social order.

  Everyone behind the traffic has its own purpose. Internet celebrity anchors have been tolerating these chaos in the industry for the number of clicks and fans, and the platform for their own traffic, and the capital promoter behind the traffic is worthy of vigilance.

In the face of increasingly frenzied traffic, its adverse effects require the attention and joint actions of multiple parties.

On the one hand, local grassroots organizations should take active actions to guide and regulate traffic in areas where the flow of traffic is concentrated, and not allow the chaos that swarms to affect normal life order.

On the other hand, relevant departments should also promptly promulgate relevant laws to crack down on some bottomless live broadcasts of Internet celebrities and curb their arbitrary development.

  Traffic is not guilty, it all depends on how to use it. Only by treating traffic rationally and properly can the traffic economy enter the right path as soon as possible.