Chengdu Rise of Parking Spaces and Painted Parking Spaces Charge at least 1,000 yuan for one parking space

Painted parking space

Car parking graffiti has different patterns

  What is the parking space in your impression?

Uniform concrete floor, uniform floor coating for parking spaces?

Recently, color private parking spaces with cartoon characters have appeared in some parking lots in Chengdu, and personalized painted fashion patterns on the ground have added a touch of fun to the parking lot.

As a parking space owner, I feel that my personality is fashionable, but some netizens have reservations, believing that the overall beauty of the clean and tidy parking lot is destroyed.

  Regarding the sudden rise of color painting in parking spaces, lawyers said that it is normal to have different praises and criticisms. There is always such a process for new things.

  Charge thousands of dollars

  Most of the customers are young people

  Recently, many people on the Internet have published their own car parking spaces. Painted cartoon characters such as Sailor Moon, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, and Dora A Dream have made the monotonous parking spaces attractive.

  On March 11, the short section of the team "Sichuan Conservatory of Music Chengmei Paint Studio" accepted the client's entrustment and came to a community in Chengdu to help residents do graffiti on parking spaces, draw lines, adjust paint, and repeatedly compare and modify the drawings sent by customers... Xiao Duan and another member of the team continued to paint on the parking space. After more than two hours, the general image of a cartoon Corgi appeared.

  Xiaoduan’s team used to mainly do other painting projects. After the rise of parking lot painting in the first half of last year, he began to contact this area. “Last year we could pick up 10-15 orders (car parking lot painting) a month.” Xiaoduan told reporters that his studio belongs to Entrepreneurship of college students is composed of graduates or current students of the Academy of Fine Arts who have done special painting studies. It should be a group of people who came into contact with this industry earlier in Chengdu.

  Customers who entrust them to paint parking spaces are generally young people aged 20-30. Cartoon animation and game characters are their favorite coloring content. The higher the difficulty of the picture, the higher the charge. "It usually takes 3-4 people, 1 day or After drawing in 2 days, please see the specific customer requirements. The general process is to determine the price (a simple cartoon of 1200-1500 yuan, generally within 10 colors; a complex cartoon of about 1500-2500 yuan, 15 to 20 colors)." Xiaoduan said .

  The reporter learned that many owners of this community where Xiaoduan is doing color painting have customized parking spaces, and the team of Xiaoduan is not here for the first time. "We may have painted the appearance of 8 parking spaces."

  Ms. Zhang, who commissioned Xiao Duan to paint her own parking space, told reporters that Corgi's pattern was her own choice. She saw that the parking space painted by Xiao Duan's team for her friend before was very beautiful, and she also wanted to paint her own parking space.

  Ms. Zhang told reporters that when she went home and saw her parking space, she felt better than she had imagined. She was very satisfied.

  Car parking graffiti attracts controversy

  Some people are optimistic about the market prospects and others think that they will destroy the overall perception of the garage

  Faced with the parking lot painting, many people agree. Ms. Zhang is a post-90s. She thinks this is a manifestation of her individuality. When she draws her favorite patterns on the parking lot, she feels very happy when she enters and exits every day.

Secondly, this is your own property parking space, just like your own house, it has the right to dispose of it, and the property owner should decide how to decorate it.

  In addition, she believes that if each parking space is painted with a different pattern, it will be very special and pleasant to the entire parking lot or the car owner.

  However, the reporter also found that many people on the Internet have reservations about this. Xiao Chen, who is also a post-90s generation, feels that this will make the originally clean and tidy parking lot look messy, destroy the overall aesthetics, and is not practical.

  Ms. Wang from another Sanqi wall painting studio that undertakes the painting of parking spaces in Sichuan and Chongqing told reporters that with the increase in income levels, everyone pursues more and more aesthetic art, and parking space painting has become a way for people to show themselves. , "The market for color painting of parking spaces is still quite large. It is currently a blue ocean market. We have already undertaken dozens of orders from last year to this year. Now only private parking spaces are opened. What really has space is the outdoor pavement and various store decorations. "Ms. Wang said that when they painted the parking spaces, they would also encounter owners who did not understand, and felt that it would affect the overall effect of the parking spaces in the community, and even encountered a situation where half of the property was painted to stop it. "But now we all ask for it. Communicate the property management well in advance, and we will enter the market only if allowed."

  Lawyer's Statement

  The owner of the parking space has the right to dispose of

  But there are a few prerequisites

  Regarding the sudden rise of color painting in parking spaces, attorney Han Fang of Taihetai Law Firm told reporters that it is normal to have different praises and criticisms, and there is always such a process for new things.

As far as the law may be concerned, the main issue is the ownership of the parking space. Public parking spaces or rented parking spaces must not be painted at will. If the painting will cause safety problems, it should not be done (such as three-dimensional painting and the like). , It may affect the smooth flow of fire protection).

However, if it is a parking space with legal ownership, the owner of the parking space can carry out such a treatment on his own parking space. There is currently no relevant regulation that does not allow this.

  Lawyer Zhou Yan of Taihetai Law Firm believes that the premise that the owner’s own parking space is reasonable should (at least) meet the following premises at the same time: ①Enjoy the right to dispose of the parking space; ②Do not infringe the lawful rights and interests of neighbors; ③Do not harm public order and good customs .

  For those who cannot apply for the certificate of property rights, the ownership of the rights is not clear and there is greater uncertainty.

Whether graffiti can be done, it needs to meet other reasonable use conditions, such as not infringing on the legal rights and public interests of others.

  Regarding graffiti behavior in public places, Lawyer Zhou Yan believes that graffiti behavior in public places such as squares, streets, tunnels and other public places with public service functions should be approved or approved by the relevant management department.

  In short, while exercising rights in areas within the scope of the disposal of personal control rights, not only cannot infringe upon the public interest of the state, nation, and the public, but also the legitimate rights and interests of neighboring rights holders, such as the actor’s certain rights. Although this act is legal, but causes or may cause serious damage to a third party, the legal act also requires tort liability.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Zhang Ling Chengxu Photographer Wang Huan