Maybe it was the final recruits who haunted the artists during the genre rehearsal on Thursday - because much was not as it should be.

Danny Saucedo danced around among his boxes but it looked more like the boxes were dancing around him.

The supposed effect that the floor moves between the drawers completely disappeared.

Instead, it looked like this is how it actually is - that they are pushed back and forth while the artist and dancers try to keep up in between.

Ewald: "I was grumpy"

It was even heavier for Anton Ewald.

The dancing photo model lost her temper and rolled her eyes between the chants.

- I have not driven in three weeks so I feel a little rusty of course.

And there are some new cameras to keep an eye on.

And then I was a little grumpy because it did not go as I wanted, he says to SVT News.

He continues:

- It's always me per se, it was probably just that I stopped hiding it this time.

Daughter appeared in neck-collar

At the same time, Daughter appeared on the rope with a neck collar around her neck.

She has made several major changes to her number since the competition.

Among other things, she has lamps in her hands that she controls herself on stage.

But during the first review of the song, it was mostly the neck collar that took over.

Her voice was not as it used to be when she tried to sing with it on.

Daughter got a neck brace earlier this week when she scratched her number.

- I have a problem with my neck.

In my number I throw my hair and on Monday when we did a little dance rope I was not warmed up at all.

I think that was what did it, she says.

So it was Monday.

But still on Thursday she had major problems.

- It has climbed down so it is more under the shoulder now that knots.

I do everything I can to get help to get rid of it, she says.

On Saturday, she hopes to be able to drive without the neck collar no matter what.

Then it can only hurt in that case, she says.

The Mamas skip the magical change of clothes

And The Mamas deletes its entire surprise effect.

During the competition, they took the TV viewers by storm with their magical change of clothes.

With a little TV trick, they made it look like they changed dresses in a second - but all that detail disappears now.

- We skip it now and then we just drive gold, says Loulou Lamotte in The Mamas.

The girls explain it as if in the competition they wanted to look back through the TV trick where they showed the dresses they won with last year.

But now they are in the final and want to look ahead instead.