Min-gyu, a member of the group Seventeen, who recently raised controversy over school violence, said that he had resolved the misunderstanding by meeting the alleged victim.

Today (12th) Seventeen's agency Pledis Entertainment said, "We confirmed the facts with the person who posted the post online that they were harassed by Min-gyu in the past. I said.

Then, explaining how the person wrote the article, "I personally experienced various incidents regardless of Min-gyu when I was in middle school, and I wrote to inform you of what happened in middle school at the time. And in the process, I was left with what happened at the academy." I did.

Regarding this, Min-gyu said, "At the time, I played with male students at academy, but I did not intentionally harass or embarrass a specific friend." If it was difficult, I apologize."

The agency also said that the person concerned accepted Min-gyu's apology.

Lastly, the agency said, "We have finished contacting and discussing all of the people who can confirm the identity among those who claimed the abuse. The rest of the matters are currently being investigated. I said.

Earlier, when Min-gyu was a middle school student, it was rumored that he harassed and sexually harassed a student with a disability. As a result, Mingyu stopped activities and the agency showed a prudent attitude that it would take measures accordingly after confirming that the posting was true.

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(Editor, Jina Yoon, SBS Entertainment News)