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This week, Selena Gomez announced plans to put her singing career aside to focus on comedy, with the artist feeling like she never satisfies the critics.

But for Cardi B, this decision does not pass.

The rapper, who collaborated with Selena Gomez on

DJ Snake's

Tati Taki

in 2019, believes the pop star should listen less to what people think of her and pursue her passion.

“I don't think Selena should retire.

She makes great music and her fans love her.

I think she needs a new era.

A version of her edgy that no one has ever seen.

I would love to give her some ideas, ”she wrote on Twitter.

Selena's choice

“I love Selena but I defend her because she is so nice in person.

If she wants to leave, let her do it because she wants to, not because of those bastards, ”added Cardi B, obviously determined to support Selena Gomez whatever she does.

For the time being, the singer has not yet reacted publicly to Cardi B's remarks, but we would like her to take this proposal into consideration.


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