Singer Rain revealed her love story with Kim Tae-hee.

In the'Sumi Lodge', which will be aired on the night of the 11th, Rain and Kim Soo-mi grill fish together and have a casual conversation.

Kim Soo-mi asked Rain, "Where did you first see (Kim) Tae-hee and where did you first see it?", and Rain replied, "The two filmed an advertisement together, and it was pretty."

Kim Tae-hee's charm wasn't just her beauty.

Rain showed the appearance of a'love man', saying, "From my attitude, I was very considerate of the staff. I brought the lunch box first... I think that kind of appearance came to me new."

In addition, he confessed that he was actively approaching Kim Tae-hee, saying, "I asked to meet you first."

Kim Soo-mi continued to ask, "Then, Tae-hee is not active because of her child?" In response, Rain said, "No. I will do if I have a good work. I always recommend it."

Then Kim Soo-mi recalled his fierce youth, saying, "I also played the role of being pregnant in the drama until 9 months of pregnancy. And I returned after a month after giving birth."

Rain and Kim Tae-hee first met at the commercial set in 2012 and admitted that they were lovers in 2013. After four years of dating, they married in 2017 and had two daughters.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)