Children over 3 years old can go to kindergarten. Who will take care of the "little milk baby" from 0 to 3 years old?

How to solve this problem?

  With the implementation of the "two-child policy", dual-income families have an increasing demand for the care of young children.

Especially in the five-month to two-and-a-half-year-old stage, it is difficult to find a child-rearing wife, kindergarten does not accept it, and childcare is expensive. How to solve the troubles of working parents?

  The government work report specifically mentioned: "Improve the population service system with the focus on'one old and one small', and promote the realization of an appropriate fertility level."

  During the two sessions, representatives of the National People's Congress and members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference brought good suggestions on the establishment of inclusive childcare institutions and the standardized management of childcare institutions, so that the childcare anxiety of young parents no longer has no place to rest.


  If you want to have a second child, no one will take it to childcare, which is expensive

Just after the Spring Festival holiday, the children in a nursery school in Yubei District "back to school" neatly. These children are all "little babies" from a few months to more than two years old.

  "I feel that this Spring Festival is more tiring than going to work. I have to bring my baby during the day and night, and I don't sleep enough. It's too difficult." Ms. Wang said that her parents were doing business in other places. The child became her headache.

As soon as the childcare center opened, she immediately sent her 7-month-old child in.

  Ms. Zhou from Nan'an District said that she had thought about having a second child, but she finally gave up after considering that there was no one to take.

Ms. Zhou and her husband have to go to work. Relatives can help bring the child before the age of 2 years old. What should I do after the age of 2?

"Please ask a nanny, go to the nursery center, go to the early education class, it will cost a lot!"

  Ms. Chen from Yubei District gave birth to twins last year. In addition to joy, she also has troubles.

The monthly expenses of my sister-in-law are more than 10,000 yuan, and my mother is also helping with her baby. The family is still very tired.

What happens to the child after going to work after taking maternity leave?

Ms. Chen is going to send both children to the nursery center. "The nearby nursery center charges 6000 yuan a month, and two children 12000 yuan a month, only gritted your teeth!"

  The reporter visited and found that there are currently many childcare centers in Chongqing, but most of them only recruit children over 1.5 years old, and the monthly cost ranges from 3,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan. "Children in the younger months, the monthly cost is almost 5,000 yuan or more. ."

  When it comes to expensive fees, childcare institutions also have something to say.

The rent of the venue is expensive, the personnel need to be trained, the professionalism of taking care of the children is strong, and the flow of staff is large... These costs add up, and it is difficult to achieve more profits.

  If you want to give birth to a second child, no one takes it, so the cost of sending it to a childcare institution is high.

Children over 3 years old can go to kindergarten. How should the "milk baby" under 3 years old bring along?

The reporter interviewed representatives of the National People's Congress and CPPCC National Committee members on "Chinese-style childcare" to see if they all have good ideas.

Liu Wenxian, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference:

  Establish inclusive public welfare nursery education institutions to cultivate professional talents in nursery education

  "At present, there are almost no professional and independent cultivation systems in domestic childcare centers, and they are basically extensions of the existing models of kindergarten, early education, and home economics." said Liu Wenxian, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

  Infant and child care concerns thousands of households. What should we do to develop an inclusive childcare service system?

Liu Wenxian suggested that the supply of childcare services should be diversified to increase, relying on public institutions to establish a group of inclusive and public welfare childcare institutions to meet the needs of ordinary income families.

  Liu Wenxian's suggestion is not aimless, but comes from his investigation and research on childcare services.

  In Liu Wenxian’s proposal, there is such a set of data: as of 2019, Chongqing has a registered population of about 951,900 infants and children under 3 years old, a permanent population of about 980,500, and 909 registration agencies and number of nurseries that provide infant care services. 30,300, "The proportion of the number of trustees is only 3.09%, which is lower than the national average of 4.1%."

  The survey shows that more than 48% of parents in Chongqing are willing to take care of childcare, and 70.7% of them want to choose public childcare institutions. However, due to the serious shortage of supply in the city, the rate of childcare enrollment is directly low.

In addition, Liu Wenxian also found that my country's childcare activities are not suitable for the development characteristics of infants and young children aged 0-3, and the phenomenon of "kindergarten" is serious.

  "Relying on public institutions to set up a group of inclusive and public welfare childcare institutions to meet the needs of ordinary income families is currently the most urgent problem." How to solve this problem?

Liu Wenxian has his own thinking, "You can choose some kindergarten institutions that have a long time to run kindergartens, good basic conditions, and standardized process of running kindergartens, and focus on building a group of model kindergarten institutions to set benchmarks and provide models for various infant care institutions. ."

  Liu Wenxian also suggested: Pilot the transformation of early education institutions to nursery schools, explore the integrated construction of nursery and kindergarten, and use the management resources, site resources, and teacher resources of existing kindergartens to hold nursery classes.

Integrate the community service system and guide qualified communities to develop childcare services.

At the same time, enterprises and institutions are encouraged to set up nursery schools in the form of public construction, private operation, and private office assistance to meet the needs of employees for nursery education.

Constantly innovate to form diversified childcare service methods such as full-day, half-day, timed and temporary services.

  The professionalization of employees in childcare institutions is also very important.

Liu Wenxian suggested that the government provide support to nursery service organizations in terms of supporting policies such as venues, staffing, business funding, taxes and fees.

At the same time, relying on professional colleges and nursery education institutions, establish nursery service training bases, train professionals with nursery qualifications under 3 years old, and form a team of nursery service talents at different levels.

Establish and improve childcare service personnel training, use, evaluation and incentive mechanisms, and directly link the level of professional skills with the remuneration of service personnel.

Gao Yu, deputy to the National People's Congress:

  Speed ​​up the improvement of the nursery service system and build a batch of demonstration nursery institutions

  Do you want to send your child to nursery school?

This is a problem that many parents are facing.

NPC deputy Gao Yu is also worrying about this.

Before attending the National Congress of the People's Republic of China last year, Gao Yu's baby had just reached his full moon.

Since then, Gao Yu, who has been paying attention to technological innovation, began to pay attention to childcare services.

When Gao Yu deliberated on the government work report, in addition to scientific and technological innovation, he also talked about childcare services.

  "It is necessary to speed up the planning and construction of childcare institutions." Gao Yu said that last year's government work report proposed "development of elderly care and childcare services."

This year's government work report also proposed that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the population service system should be improved with the focus on "one old and one small".

  Gao Yu found in his research that many young people who are just parents have a need for childcare services.

In particular, some "dual-worker" families don't have much time to take care of their children, so they can only send their children back to their hometowns for the elderly to take.

In addition, the lack of a suitable nursery school is a problem faced by many parents.

  Gao Yu suggested: Accelerate the rational layout of childcare institutions, and plan and build childcare institutions in communities, parks and other areas according to actual needs.

Especially in large-scale industrial parks, living quarters and other areas, public nursery institutions should be used as standard equipment, and the public-built private mode can be adopted, where the government provides venues and purchases professional social organization services.

  “Our country’s childcare service system is not perfect and lacks standards. At this stage, some childcare institutions are needed to play a demonstrative role.” Gao Yu said, at present, the childcare service system, personnel training and management, and the hardware provided by childcare institutions There are no unified norms and standards for facilities and other aspects, and they need to be gradually improved.

  Gao Yu believes that improving the childcare service system is a process of exploration in practice.

In this process, good practices should be summarized in time and demonstration and promotion should be carried out.

"Nursery services are showing a trend of diversified development, but there is a principle to be followed, that is, to pay attention to science." Gao Yu said, nursery services should be based on the latest scientific research of 0-3 years old infants and children, formulate and update nursery The content of education services.

It is not only necessary to take good care of the children, but also to enable them to be enlightened in childcare services.

  Chongqing Morning News·Upstream News Reporter Chen Zhu, Li Sheng, Liu Bo