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Obviously, Thomas Markle does not intend to reconcile with his daughter right away.

While the Duchess of Sussex revealed in her interview with Oprah Winfrey that she resented him for "working" for years with the tabloids to make revelations about her life, Prince Harry's stepfather reacted to very clearly in

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There is no way he will stop talking to the press, at least as long as his daughter does not speak to him.

“In the end, I never heard from Harry and Meghan in any form.

Basically, when I haven't heard from them, I contribute to an article.

If I don't hear back within 30 days, I'll do another one.

I would love to hear from them.

When they decide to talk to me, I'll stop talking to the press.

I would like to apologize for what I did, but that was two years ago.

I tried to catch up.

But these stories in the newspaper are due to the fact that I have not heard from you, ”he said on the British morning show, half addressing the couple.

Bad tactics

Although he says he wants to be forgiven, the rest of the interview proves that he instead intends to continue using the couple.

When asked how he reacted to the interview broadcast this Sunday and in particular to the fact that his daughter was hurt by his actions, Thomas Markle replied: "We all make mistakes ... But I have never played naked billiards, and I never disguised myself as a Nazi ”.

A reference to two "incidents of course" of Prince Harry, which date back to 2005 and 2012. The son of Prince Charles, who today denounces racism within his own family, had indeed disguised himself as a Nazi during 'a costume party on the theme of "settlers and natives", which had earned him the wrath of the queen and an obligation to issue a public apology.

A few years later, Prince Harry appeared in the


simplest front-page camera

, a photo taken during a pretty drunken night out on the Las Vegas side.

However, Meghan Markle's father insists: he has nothing against the family of the Queen of England.

“I have great respect for the Royal Family and I don't think the Royal Family is racist.

I don't think the English are racist either, ”he added.


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