Brave Girls member Yoo-jung, who is writing a new reverse driving myth with'Rolin' released four years ago, expressed her overwhelming feelings.

Yesterday (8th) on the YouTube channel'Recent Olympics', Brave Girls member Yoo-jeong, who is recently refocused for running backwards, appeared.

Yoojeong said, "I thought it would become a topic for a while, but I can't believe everything from the chart-in." Ranked #1 on the chart.

When the'Rolin' reverse run started, Yoo Jeong said, "With the members,'It will be a while, so let's not install it with ourselves. It wasn't until I said, “It seems like it's right to clean up quickly” five days ago,” he said. “In fact, Yuna and I were in the dorm and the team was almost over because the situation was unloading.”

However,'Rolin' reverse driving began and tremendous popularity continued, and all the situations of the Brave Girls that discussed dismantling changed rapidly in 5 days.

Regarding this, Yoojeong said, "Because it has been so hard, I have learned how valuable and grateful this interest has been."

Yoo Jeong-eun finally sent support to many people, saying, "I don't know the life of a person. I hope you don't worry if you can do this because of your age." All of those things came to me as well, and they will also come to you. Until that day, we'll hold on and hold on."

(Photo = YouTube'Recent Olympics')

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