It is known that the composer and producer Tank (real name Ahn Jin-woong), who caused controversy by releasing the song dissing Oh My Girl member Seung-hee, was sued by singer Gil.

The law firm Oracle, who served as legal representative of Gil, announced on the 24th of last month that it had filed a complaint with the Suseo Police Station on charges of defamation and insults against the tank.

On the 19th of last month, the tank made a stir on his YouTube channel by claiming that the singer-gil exploited his labor force and committed various violence.

In the video at the time, Tank told the contents of virtually snipering the road by putting keywords such as'Drinking Driving No. 3','Hip-Hop Producer', and'Infinite Challenge'.

Gil side's lawyer said, "Because the contents of Mr. Tank's claim are not true, we sued and submitted evidence to support it." "It was over, and even my family members were seriously hurt, so I filed a complaint."

“As if Mr. Tank is trying to make an extreme choice, he sends videos and messages to surrounding artists with the content of'a written will,' and is asking for material and mental help from people, emphasizing his unfavorable growth background. Good will. He added, "I hope that people around you will not be harmed anymore."

On the other hand, Tank stood at the center of controversy by releasing a diss song'Sooni' on the 8th that contains the content that Seunghee Oh My Girl deceived fans with a dual appearance.

In response, Seung-hee said, "Because the composer tank tried to make an extreme choice, I helped report it to the police, but afterwards, a message that seemed obsessed and courtship began, so I cut off contact. It is showing up to," he said, predicting a strong response.

On the other hand, the tank said through his social media, "After the release of this song, it has been terrorized by numerous people online and is a very difficult situation to endure."

The song'Sooni' released by Tank on YouTube has been recorded more than 170,000 views as of the afternoon of the 9th.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)