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The seven orders of health professions "call with one voice all caregivers to be vaccinated" against Covid-19, stressing that it is an "ethical duty" to "curb the spread of the epidemic, ”in a statement made public this Sunday.

“Only 40% of nursing home staff and 30% of nursing staff in hospitals and towns have received at least one dose of the vaccine to date.

It is far too little, ”write the presidents of the orders of physicians, dentists, pharmacists, midwives, physiotherapists, pedicures-podiatrists and nurses.

Caregivers are "the most exposed to the virus, while being in contact with the most vulnerable populations," say the signatories.

They must be vaccinated "because it is their ethical duty to protect their patients in all circumstances, and because it is imperative that they can protect themselves against the virus, as well as their loved ones, and slow down the spread of the epidemic, ”the statement continued.

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, had called on caregivers, in a letter circulated on Friday, to be vaccinated "quickly" in the name of "collective security".

"A third of the vaccinated caregivers, it is not tolerable"

The Order of Physicians had already stressed on Saturday that vaccination against Covid was an "ethical requirement" for caregivers, called to a "duty of exemplarity".

"Everything must be done to convince young caregivers who do not necessarily feel in danger themselves, that they protect themselves and that they are probably protecting their patients by being vaccinated", notes for his part the immunologist Alain Fischer , the Mr. "vaccine strategy" of the government, in an interview in the

Journal du dimanche


"A third of the caregivers vaccinated, it is not tolerable", he underlines.

Presenting "the vaccination obligation" for these professionals as "a last resort", he believes that "we must allow ourselves a little time to convince, but not too much".

"Healing, caring for others is a professional and ethical imperative," said on Sunday on Europe 1 the Minister of Transformation and Public Service, Amélie de Montchalin.

Asked about the possibility of forcing reluctant caregivers to be vaccinated, she said "to trust the agents" of public health establishments, "in their ethical and professional sense".

"I am their minister, I trust the agents, they know their responsibility," she said.

Caregivers "can see that in countries that have used the AstraZeneca vaccine, things are going well," she said.


Are caregivers more reluctant to vaccinate than the rest of the population, as Oliver Véran explains?


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