Sophian Fanen, obsessions and Miqueu Montanaro, interview, groove & galoubet

Cheb (Cheb) and Miqueu Montanaro (photo Laura Berson).

© Cheb / Laura Berson

By: Laurence Aloir

3 min


Tributes to Fela or Manu Dibango, Moroccan chaabi, Sicilian groove, the Senegalese avant-garde, jazz and blues in galoubet tambourine mode, welcome on board!


Sophian Fanen (@SophianF on twitter)



Ben Bene La

, from the album


 (Favorite Recordings, 2021) - 


Dwaqa Wlla ... Ghellaqa?

, from the album

Sma 'Balak

 (Llabel, 2021)



Mano d'oro

, from the album

Luci e Guai

 (Airfono, 2021)

Wau Wau Collectif

Mouhamodou Lo and his Children

, from the album

Yaral Sa Doom

 (Sahel Sounds, 2021)


 Airelle Besson




Isabelle Sörling


, from the album


 (Yellow butterfly, 2021)

Then we speak with

Miqueu Montanaro, 

for the release of the new album of

Duo Montanaro


Baltazar and Miqueu Montanaro (photo Laura Berson) and Album Be (photo Boris Trouplin).

© Laura Berson / Boris Trouplin

Baltazar Montanaro-Nagy


Miquèu Montanaro

have started a work of writing and musical composition since 2016 by putting, at the center of their questioning, the relationship of the individual with the world.

Released in 2017, the acoustic album


(in Hungarian "outside") questioned the individual about his place in the world.

New opus of this reflection,


(in Hungarian "interior" but also "to be", "to be") questions the interior movement and the fact of being an actor, at their level, of a social and cultural advance.

For this new repertoire, the musical writing of Baltazar and Miquèu has its source in the visual and unusual universe of

Boris Trouplin's



From these photos, they wrote short poetic texts, of the haiku type, which formed a first creative stage.

From there, they built their musical discourse, like a kind of sound correspondence.

What they play on stage is the result of this four-handed writing: an exploration around the timbres, rhythms and textures of their respective instruments, the galoubet-tambourine and the baritone violin;

a realization of sound frescoes where consciously composed parts and free and liberated improvisations mingle.

For his albums, Miquèu uses flutes, galoubet tambourine, harp harp, fuljara and dvojnica.

Baltazar plays the violin and baritone violin.

Miquèu Montanaro at RFI.

© Laurence Aloir / RFI

Sample tracks



Duo Montanaro

, played on the air: Arabesques, Mina Aur, Time Golden Desert.  

See the clip

, Blues del Rocs and Aquarius.


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