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In turn, Seth Rogen decided to try his luck in the cannabis market.

No wonder when you know the passion and expertise of the actor on the subject.

“If there's one thing you know about me, it's that I really love weed.

But what you probably don't know about me is that I've been working on my own weed business for ten years and we're finally ready to go to America, ”he said in a video. on Instagram.

Indeed, the Houseplant brand, which has been offering pre-rolled joints and soft capsules in Canada since 2019, will be offering its products to Californian consumers this month.

The competition is tough

“What we do is bring you the best varieties of marijuana that have been bred - and by that I mean smoked - by me.

It's just the weed I love that I want to smoke.

It comes in adorable little boxes.

We have an orange for sativa and a violet for indica.

And they can even stack on top of each other, ”added Seth Rogen in his video ad before proudly presenting products derived from his brand, namely a table lighter and an ashtray.

“It's honestly the job of my life, and I've never been so excited about anything.

I hope you like it, ”he said in conclusion.

Seth Rogen has landed in any case in a very competitive market since the legalization of cannabis in California.

Many stars before him have been attracted by the promises of earnings offered by this culture.

Drake, Willie Nelson, Whoopi Goldberg and more recently Jay-Z have already set out to conquer green gold.


"The legalization of cannabis is no longer a taboo in France," said MP Caroline Janvier

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