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Ramón Barea, the Bilbao actor who received the 2013 National Award, has abandoned the rehearsals for the replacement of


the condor and the puma

and its continuation,

Shock 2

, whose premieres in Madrid are scheduled for April and May.

Barea's resignation responds to his dissatisfaction with

the employment treatment he has received from the National Institute of Performing Arts (Inaem)

, the Agency of the Ministry of Culture that contracts the two works.

«What hurts me the most is not that the friends I have at the National Dramatic Center stop greeting me or close their doors to me.

I am already an age where I can afford it.

What hurts me is the problem I cause to my teammates in Shock because a substitution is complicated.

But I feel that it is a matter of dignity, that I should not take a step back, "explains Barea to ELMUNDO.

Very in summary: the mistreatment that the actor denounces comes from 2014, from the intervention that the Ministry of Finance imposed on Inaem at that time and that forced the actors employed in a production to stop being considered employees and to become service providers. From that moment on, Inaem pays the artists in the form of invoices that are issued at the end of the month, after the service has been certified.

If before 2014, an actor could charge at the beginning of the month the performances that he was going to represent on the 22nd, now the opposite is the case:

the work that is performed on the 6th is billed on the 30th and is charged a month later.

"At Inaem we are aware that this claim is fair and reaffirms the need to change the legal structure of the Institute," explain sources from the Ministry.

In a perfect world, the Inaem would become

a public company like the Prado Museum

, much more agile to negotiate.

"We are in constant dialogue with the Treasury to achieve it but it is a long process," they explain in Culture.

«I know it is a long negotiation.

At first you had to be patient because it was linked to the

Statute of the Artist


later it was conditioned to the pandemic ... », answers Ramón Barea.

“There will come a time when someone will come out of some dark ministerial corridor to tell us that everything depends on climate change.

The truth is that I miss

someone in the Inaem plant

and say that they are ashamed to sign contracts like that.

Barea, who lives in Bilbao, also complains that the INAEM does not pay



for working outside of his city.

It is the consequence of having become a service provider.

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