Singers Eom Jung-hwa and Lee Hyo-ri continue their beautiful friendship even after the refund expedition.

On the 4th, Eom Jung-hwa posted a short video on social media, saying, "I'm impressed! Hyori made it~".

In the released video, Eom Jung-hwa put a cone insense on the insense holder Lee Hyo-ri made and lit it.

He expressed his gratitude for using a gift.

At last year's project group's Refund Expedition, the two people who made a breath with their eldest sister Man-ok and leader Cheon-ok are building friendships even after their activities are over.

Lee Hyo-ri is showing her affection for her seniors by appearing on YouTube channels run by her husband Sang-soon Lee and Jeong-hwa Um, and sending gifts she made.

Eom Jung-hwa also showed warmth to take care of his juniors.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)