An Iraqi kills his baby and takes poison to his wife

An Iraqi young man committed a horrific crime against his family, in which his daughter and wife were killed

The Ministry of Interior in Iraq revealed, through its Facebook account, that Babel police arrested a father after he killed his infant daughter and her mother, in the center of Hilla.

The statement pointed out that "the father killed his nine-month-old daughter by suffocation, then poisoned his wife," referring to his crime for "material reasons."

In details, a report received by the Ministry of the Interior stated that the corpse of a married young woman, aged 21 years, was in a hospital in Hilla, amid suspicions that she had died from ingesting the poison.

After security investigations raised suspicions about her husband, so he was arrested.

The husband admitted during the investigations that he had killed his wife and infant daughter, as he said that he had strangled his infant daughter and then buried her body in an agricultural area near a shrine.

Being without identity papers,

and then he put the poison for his wife in a can of Pepsi drink, to hide the crime that his wife learned about, before she died in the hospital.

The accused claimed that he committed his crime because of his financial circumstances.