Professional life does not allow her to care about her health

# Sweet Half ... 5 tips for a "busy self" woman

  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist Radwa Mohamed El-Nazhi.


Obviously, our health should be our top priority, but the lives of most women who are crowded with the responsibilities of raising and caring for children, as well as the requirements of work and professional life do not allow them to take sufficient care of their health, but the good thing is that this attention may only need some simple changes that can be Being an essential part in the life of every busy woman helps return her to the path of health and wellness.

Dr. Radwa Mohamed Al-Nazhi, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology at the Saudi German Clinics - Jumeirah, provides her experience of more than ten years to help women overcome their health problems in the field of high-risk pregnancies, gynecological diseases in adolescence, early diagnosis of reproductive system cancers and gynecological cosmetic procedures, here Five tips for a better lifestyle and health:

Physical activity

It is known that formation usually takes about 21 days.

If you start exercising for 30 minutes, five times a week over the course of 21 days, physical activity will be an essential part of your routine.

You can go for a walk, go to a nearby gym, or even a fun sports session in the comfort of your home in front of the TV, or any physical activity you prefer to keep fit and improve your health in general.

A healthy diet

Proper nutrition is one of the basics of health and wellness.

You can maintain good health by eating a balanced diet that avoids harsh diets as well as unhealthy foods, such as those that contain fats and sugars in an exaggerated manner.

You need to reach a balanced diet that contains adequate amounts of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains rich in fiber, protein, and other essential nutrients.

Try to avoid the temptations of fast food and processed foods because they increase the chances of obesity, heart disease and other chronic diseases.

Pregnant women and young women in the age group to have children should eat foods rich in folic acid, such as leafy greens, beans, and citrus fruits such as oranges and tangerines.

As for menopausal women, they need to eat adequate amounts of foods rich in calcium and vitamin D (seafood, fruits and low-fat dairy products) to help them avoid problems of osteoporosis.

Sufficient sleep

Deep, peaceful sleep helps combat the signs of aging and the brain's more efficient functioning.

The quality of sleep affects thinking, work, study, behavior, motivation and stress control, so a healthy sleep pattern is essential in maintaining good mental and physical health.

Your mental health

Stress leads to various diseases, so resist stress by practicing meditation because it reduces levels of anxiety and tension, improves focus, and helps control chronic pain.

Meditation can also improve sleep quality, support general health, and aid in achieving wellness.

Annual examinations

Make sure to see your doctor for routine check-ups.

Familiarizing yourself with such a habit helps in early detection of diseases or chronic conditions and timely treatment intervention.

Among the basic tests that are recommended to be performed on a regular basis are pelvic, cervical, breast, osteoporosis, cholesterol, blood pressure and other examinations recommended by the doctor.

Health can be maintained by eating a balanced diet.

Deep, calm sleep helps combat the signs of aging.

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