Denis Grozdanovitch, castling child

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Denis Grozdanovitch publishes "The dreamed life of the chess player", published by Grasset.

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Denis Grozdanovitch delivers with "The dreamed life of the chess player", published by Grasset editions, an enlightened account through a gallery of portraits on the passion for the game of chess.


At the beginning, they are wise and well aligned, face to face and in two rows.

In the middle, the king and his lady, accompanied by their fools and a few horsemen in the middle of the towers.

They are in battle order.

And suddenly, they come alive.

Game on.

In the end, the victory is brilliant and the failure is dull.

Nice formula from Coluche, which in this book crosses Nabokov and Kasparov, Lewis Caroll and Mikhaïl Tal, Stephan Zweig and Judit Polgar.

A passionate, erudite and humorous literary essay, which, far from locking us in the 64 squares of the plateau, invites us to survey the great chessboard of life.

After having dissected the flippancy and the stupidity;

surveyed the world of dreams, the lands of emotions and other tiny ecstasies;

after having told the swimmers, the puppets and the dandies,

Denis Grozdanovitch

reveals to us “The dreamed life of the chess player” published by Grasset editions.


Judit Polgar was part of the inspiration for the heroine of the American mini-series "The Lady's Game", which was a hit last fall on Netflix.

A series which has led to a few vocations and which perhaps allowed the emergence of a future cador.

Amélie Beaucour went to meet Andreea Navrotescu, six times French youth champion.


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