School is over, please accept this guide to prevent Internet addiction

  Psychological talk

  Right now, it is when the school starts.

On March 1, a reporter from Science and Technology Daily learned from the Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy Center of the Wuxi Mental Health Center (hereinafter referred to as the center) in Jiangsu Province that the number of primary and middle school students suffering from Internet dependence has been on the rise recently.

  "The child is addicted to playing with mobile phones, refuses to do homework, loses his temper, and throws things, what should I do?" "I wanted to let the child play online games for a few days during the winter vacation to relax, but I don't know that the child has to play for a few hours every day. "Recently in the outpatient clinic of the hospital, many parents took their children to treat Internet addiction.

  School started but still reluctant to give up on computers

  Wang Guoqiang, vice chairman of the International Chinese Psychiatric Association and director of the clinical psychology department of the center, told the reporter of Science and Technology Daily that Internet dependence is also called Internet addiction syndrome. It is manifested as excessive dependence on the Internet, loss of interest in real life, and online time exceeding General limits, in order to obtain psychological satisfaction.

  In the outpatient clinic, there is a senior high school student named He. When he was in school, he rarely used the Internet because of the strict management of the school teacher. But when he was on holiday, he stayed on his cell phone and computer. He went to bed late at night and got up again in the morning. No, the homework is delayed until the end of the holiday.

  After semester started, classmate He couldn't enter the learning state, which made his parents anxious.

Therefore, his parents can only take him to the center for help, in order to get rid of the dependence on the Internet as soon as possible.

  After talking with classmate He, the psychologist learned that he himself is very aware of the bad effects of indulging in the Internet, but he can't control it. Every time he tells himself, after watching this video and playing this game, he will read books and do homework. , But in the end was attracted by mobile phones and computers.

  Wang Guoqiang told reporters that in recent years, every school season has been a period of high incidence of psychological problems among teenagers.

At this time, as a parent, you must first adjust yourself and your child's mentality. If you encounter psychological problems that you cannot adjust yourself, you must promptly seek professional guidance.

  "Everyone knows that disease prevention is more important than treatment, and so is psychological counseling, but many people only realize the seriousness of the problem after the psychological problem appears. Most parents bring their children to a psychologist, all of them are' I only go to the doctor if I get sick'." Wang Guoqiang said.

  Parents who quit Internet addiction need scientific guidance

  Relevant experts told reporters that from a clinical point of view, there are many factors for Internet addiction.

Especially in the face of online games, many adults are often trapped and unable to control them, let alone young people.

  Internet dependence can cause great harm to individuals and society. Patients will also experience symptoms such as sleep disturbance, headache, loss of appetite, etc., as well as psychological problems such as low self-esteem, tantrums, irritability, and apathy.

  So, how to get rid of internet addiction?

  "To get rid of Internet addiction, as a student, you must learn to arrange your work and rest scientifically, and to decompress scientifically; as a parent, you must carry out scientific guidance and pay more attention to the child's psychology." Wang Guoqiang said.

  Experts believe that when it comes to addiction to the Internet, people tend to focus on the Internet or games without thinking about the reasons why students are addicted to the Internet or games.

To eliminate dependence on the Internet, we must first clarify the reasons why children are addicted to them, and then find alternatives in reality.

  "In the process of children's growth, parents must not only meet their material needs, but also meet their spiritual needs." Wang Guoqiang said that blindly treating children who are addicted to the Internet by beating, scolding, and blaming, sometimes backfires.

  "It is important to know that children's excessive Internet access and non-study are not only the problem of the child alone, but also the problem of the child's family." Wang Guoqiang said.

  Experts suggest that if children show a tendency to be addicted to the Internet, it is best for parents to communicate and communicate more with their children, first understand what children are doing online and what games they play, and then analyze the underlying reasons why children are usually addicted to the Internet.

  In addition, parents can reduce their children's time to surf the Internet and play games through outdoor activities such as sports and travel, and encourage them to exercise more and make friends.

  In daily learning and life, parents should guide their children to clarify the purpose of surfing the Internet, write down the tasks to be completed on paper in advance, put them in eye-catching places, and go straight to the goal when surfing the Internet, so that they will not wander aimlessly on the Internet. It will not be attracted by the dazzling things on the Internet, which can save a lot of time.

  Usually, parents can limit their children's online time.

For example, estimate in advance how long it will take to surf the Internet, and then set an alarm clock to effectively control the online time.

  Students themselves can lengthen the time between surfing the Internet and divert their attention to the Internet. For example, when they want to surf the Internet, they can consciously look for a book to read, or go outdoors to exercise.

Don’t use the Internet as a way to escape the pressure of learning. When you are in a bad mood or when the pressure is high, you can vent your bad emotions by running, talking, etc., and don’t suppress your emotions; you should dare to face problems and seek parents and parents in a timely manner. With the help of teachers and psychological counselors, find a solution to the problem.

  Wang Guoqiang especially emphasized that parents should lead by example when it comes to controlling their children's online time.

First of all, parents should participate in the formulation and implementation of children’s plans as instructors and supervisors to guide and encourage children; secondly, parents should set an example. Parents should reduce the frequency of surfing the Internet, accompany their children more, and increase parent-child interaction time. .